Qazvin IAU MRL team

Qazvin IAU MRL Team Shines in RoboCup 2019

The MRL team from Qazvin Islamic Azad University won 5 championship titles at the RoboCup 2019 in Sydney, Australia.

Qazvin IAU Shines at Asia-Pacific 2018

The Iranian MRL team from Qazvin Islamic Azad University has won the 2nd RoboCup Asia Pacific 2018 through gaining six points.

IAU Robotic Teams to Compete in RoboCup 2018, MONTRÉAL

The 22nd RoboCup International Competition and Symposium will take place in Montreal, Canada on June 16-22, 2018.

Qazvin IAU MRL Team Becomes Champion in in RoboCup 2017

The RoboCup 2017 competition event has finished and its top teams have been announced in various leagues.

Qazvin IAU MRL Team to Participate in RoboCup 2017

The reputed robotic team, MRL from Islamic Azad University, Qazvin branch, which is well-known in Iran and West Asia, will participate in RoboCup2017, Nagoya, Japan.

Qazvin IAU Defeats Florida U in RoboCup 2016

The MRL team of Islamic Azad University, Qazvin branch took down Florida University USA at small size soccer in RoboCup 2016 Leipzig, Germany.

Qazvin IAU Ranks 1st in Submarine League in RoboCup IranOpen 2016

MRL team of Islamic Azad University has ranked 1st in the 11th RoboCup Iran Open competitions. This is the sixth time that an MRL robot has taken first place in this tournament.

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