Shiraz Named As Iran 2020 Book Capital

The city of Shiraz where is known as the “Cultural Capital” of Iran, also the hometown of Hafez and Sadi has been named as Iran’s 2020 Book Capital.

Shiraz IAU Researcher Designs Specialized Book Reading App

A researcher from Shiraz Islamic Azad University has designed a specialized application for book lovers which can provide access to the rare and used books.

2nd In’tl Congress on Health for Peace to be Held in Shiraz

The city of Shiraz in Fars province will host the 2nd international congress on health for peace on November 11-12, 2020.

Iran, Italy and Sweden to Co-op Academically

The head of Shiraz University International Cooperation Center has announced on cooperating academically with universities in Italy and Sweden.

Shiraz University, University of Poitiers to Co-op Academically

Officials of Shiraz University and University of Poitiers have negotiated and discussed future cooperation.

Shiraz IAU Student Develops AI Smart Car

A student of Shiraz Islamic Azad University has developed AI-driven smart car which can detect objects and distinguish a person, a motorcycle, a car or a cat from each other.

Shiraz University Researchers Develop A Device That Can Produce Water Out Of Air

Researchers from Shiraz University have developed a device that can pull pure, drinkable water straight from the air.

TWAS Iran Chapter to be Established in Shiraz

Iran Chapter of the World Academy of Sciences (TWAS) will be established at the venue of Regional Information Center for Science and Technology (RICST) in the city of Shiraz.

Iran Celebrates National Sadi Day in Shiraz

Iranians came together at the mausoleum of Persian poet Sadi in Shiraz to celebrate April 21, which has been designated as National Sadi Day.

Shiraz University Engineer Designs Gesture Control Robotic Arm Working Without Wearable Sensors

The MS industrial management student of Shiraz University has succeeded to design and make a robotic arm which can mimic the motion and behavior of a humans arm without requiring any wearable sensors.

Meeting of Minds of Sa’di, Petrarch Experts

Scholars and experts specializing in the works by Persian poet Sa’di of Shiraz (1210-1292) and Italian poet Francesco Petrarca (1304-1374) known as Petrarch will meet in Tehran to share ideas on and conduct a comparative analysis of works by the two poets.

Shiraz IAU Students Use AI to Make a Wheelchair Autonomous

A self-driving, autonomous wheelchair developed by the Robocup team of Shiraz Islamic Azad University became runner-up in RoboCup Iran Open 2018.

Shiraz IAU Students Create Flying Smartphone

Students from Islamic Azad University, Shiraz branch, presented the prototype of a flying smartphone in the 13th RoboCup Iran Open competitions held at Tehran International Fair in April 3-7, 2018.

Shiraz SAMA IAU Student to Participate in Int’l METU Robots Days

A student from SAMA Shiraz Islamic Azad University will compete in the 15th edition of International METU Robots Days in March 3-4, 2018.

Iranian Researchers Create Smart Nanofiber with Thermal Performance

Iranian researchers have succeeded to create smart nan-composites through adding metal oxide nanoparticles to polymer fibers which is able to save energy.

Shiraz IAU Professor Invents Smart Fire Extinguishing Ball

An Iranian inventor, associate professor and faculty member of Islamic Azad University of Shiraz, has invented a device which is similar to a ball and is equipped with a flame-temperature sensor.

Researchers of Shiraz IAU Create Anti-Algae Device

Students of Islamic Azad University, Shiraz branch, have made Anti-Algae Device which could solve the issue of huge expenses for eliminating algae as well as sending electromagnetic waves to wash them out.

Shiraz IAU Introduces Smart Wheelchairs in Reseach & Tech Exhibition

Smart wheelchair has gained a lot of interests in the recent times. These devices are useful especially in transportation from one place to another. The Islamic Azad University, Shiraz branch has introduced a Smart Wheelchair in the 18th edition of Research & Technology Week & 7th Techmart Exhibition held in Tehran from 13-17 December, 2017.

Iran is Beautiful/ Tourist Attractions and Destinations

Ancient City of Gōr, Iran's First Circular City

As Iran’s first circular city, Gor is located 50 kilometers east of Meymand and 6 kilometers north of Firouzabad in Fars province.

The IAU President:

Today, Universities are Responsible to Eliminate Poverty, Deprivation and Production Problems

The president of Islamic Azad University, Dr. Farhad Rahbar, has stated that today, universities are responsible to solve poverty, deprivation and production problems through science and technology.

Iran is Beautiful/ Tourist Attractions and Destinations

Qalat, an Old Village in Shiraz

Qalat, one of the historic villages around Shiraz with various architectures, is located in 15km North West of the famous Iranian city of Shiraz.

Shiraz IAU Reduces Graphene Oxide to be Used in Touch Screens

Researchers of Shiraz Islamic Azad University have succeeded in reducing Graphene Oxide which can be applied in producing displays.

IAU Students Shine in Rio 2016 Paralympic Games

As with the Olympics, students from various branches of the Islamic Azad University have proven their prowess and brought glory and honor to the nation.

Shiraz IAU Student Wins Gold in Rio Paralympics

A student of Shiraz IAU won a gold at the women’s 10m air pistol event at the Paralympic Games on Friday.

Shiraz IAU Cooperates with Australia, Japan, Lebanon, and Turkey

The head of the Fars province Islamic Azad University has announced the signing of academic Memoranda of Understanding (MoU) with universities in Australia, Japan, Lebanon, and Turkey .

Invention of Shiraz Sama IAU Student Ranks Top in German Competition

Alireza Dehghan Ebnavi, student at Sama Shiraz branch of Islamic Azad University, has succeeded in earning second place and silver medal in the iENA International Trade Fair held in Nuremberg, Germany, from October 29 to 31, 2015, with 500 competitors from 90 countries participating.

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