Scientists Discover Superconducting Material Inside a Meteorite

A team of scientists have discovered amounts of superconducting material inside one of the world’s largest meteorites.

Iran is "Unstoppable” Waiting For its First Successful Orbital Launch

The spokesman for the Iranian Space Agency (ISA) has stated that the country has launched its domestically-made Zafar (Triumph) satellite using a Simorgh (Phoenix) satellite carrier, but the missile fell short of reaching the designated orbit.

Acousticians Search on How a Few Eextraterrestrial Atmospheres Could Change the Tune

A group of acousticians have searched more that how conversations might carry on alien worlds.

Scientists Could Turns Moondust Into Oxygen

Scientists at European Space Agency (ESA) have been running a prototype plant that converts moon dust (currently simulated, of course) into oxygen that could be used for air and fuel.

Zafar Satellite Delivered to ISA, Ready for Launch

Designed by Iran University of Science and Technology, Zafar Satellite has been delivered to Iran Space Agency and is ready for launch.

Iran Breaks the U.S. Monopoly in Manufacturing Space Engine

Iranian scientists have achieved the knowledge of manufacturing space engines, announced the head of the Iranian Space Research Center Hossein Samimi.

NASA Introduces Newest Astronauts Ready for Space Station, Moon, and Mars Missions

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has introduced the newest astronauts, increasing the number of those eligible for spaceflight assignments that will expand humanity’s horizons in space for generations to come.

Scientists Study Space Debris Destruction

Researchers of European Space Agency melted a part of an Earth-orbiting satellites to investigate better methods of protecting people from falling space debris.

Hayabusa2 Touches Down on Distant Asteroid

A Japanese probe Hayabusa 2, has touched down on an asteroid more than 300 million km from Earth on a mission to seek clues about the origins of life, Japan’s space agency said.

Minister of Communication and Information Technology:

Payam2 Satellite Will Be 40Times More Accurate

Iranian Minister of Communication and Information Technology has announced that Nahid 2 and Zafar satellites will be delivered by next summer.

Startup Working to Predict City Air Pollution

Space Layer Technologies is a startup company and is interface between a theoretical and computational chemist researcher with great knowledge in the field of Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and environment.

China Plans To Bring An Asteroid Down To Earth

Chinese scientists have proposed an ambitious plan to take over a small near-Earth asteroid and transport it to Earth.

Iranian Universities, ISA to Co-op on Manufacturing a CubeSat

Iranian Space Agency (ISA) in cooperation with three Iranian universities will work jointly on manufacturing a CubeSat.

NASA Releases Jupiter Magnificent New Image

NASA has released pictures of Jupiter that was taken when the Juno spacecraft passed by at 6.23am yesterday morning.

Diamond May Responsible for a Mysterious Glow in the Milky Way

Researchers at Cardiff University have claimed that diamond dust may be responsible for a mysterious glow of the Milky Way galaxy.

Tehran Hosts 2018 Intl. Exhibition of Flowers

The 16th edition of International Exhibition of Flowers, Plants, Park Equipment and Related Industries was inaugurated at Tehran’s Goftegoo Park for a week by the Tehran Parks and Green Space Organization (TPGSO).

Solar Wind Lights Up Night Skies

After escaping through a large gap in the sun's atmosphere, a powerful gust of solar wind is crackling its way through Earth's upper atmosphere.

Chinese Space Station Tiangong-1 Comes Down in Pacific Ocean

China’s Tiangong-1 space station has come down in the Pacific Ocean.

Researchers Develop "Happy Suit" for Astronauts

An Iranian researcher in accompany with researchers from Florida Polytechnic University are developing a "happy suit" in order to protect astronauts from the psychologically harrowing effects of space travel.

SPACEX Successfully Launched Falcon Heavy Rocket Into Space

SPACEX launched the powerful Falcon Heavy rocket into space with the founder, Elon Musk’s, Tesla car onboard.

NASA’s Gold Instrument Powers On For the First Time

After launching on Jan. 28, 7:23 p.m. EST, NASA's Global-scale Observations of the Limb and Disk, or GOLD, mission powered on the GOLD instrument for the first time.

NASA Tests Its 430,000mph Probe that Will 'Touch the Sun'

NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland has begun testing its new probe that will 'touch the sun', when it launches into space this summer.

NASA to Demonstrate X-ray Navigation in Space

A team of NASA engineers has demonstrated fully autonomous X-ray navigation in space which could revolutionize NASA’s ability in the future to pilot robotic spacecraft to the far reaches of the solar system and beyond.

NASA Astronaut Made First Untethered Space Flight, Dies at 80

Bruce McCandless II, a NASA astronaut who was captured in a stunning photograph in 1984 as he made the first untethered flight in space, has died aged 80.

NASA to Announce Big Alien-Planet News

NASA will unveil its exoplanet discovery in a news conference.

Russia to Send First Astronaut from the UAE

Minister of Trade and Industry of the Russian Federation has stated that the Roscosmos State Corporation for Space Activities are preparing to launch the first cosmonaut, a Russian astronaut, from the UAE.

Scientists Discovers a Galaxy Similar to the Milky Way

Researchers from University in Seoul (South Korea) found remarkably similar to the Milky Way galaxy in the constellation Hydra.


NASA Releases Hubble’s Messier Catalog / In Photos

NASA has released a gallery of breathtaking images captured by the Hubble Space Telescope, showcasing celestial objects contained in the Messier catalog. The Messier collection was initially compiled by renowned French astronomer Charles Messier, using his own observations and those of his associates to help fellow 18th century astronomers differentiate wandering comets from more distant, static objects, such as nebulae, New Atlas reports. The catalog contains a variety of some of the most famous astronomical objects known to adorn the night sky, from active star formation regions, such as the Orion Nebula, to the Andromeda galaxy, which will merge with our own Milky Way in roughly four billion years.

World Space Week 2017: “Exploring New Worlds in Space”

The United Nations decreed that space should have its very own week, such was its universal appeal and importance nearly 20 years ago.

A Record-Shattering NASA Astronaut Returned to Earth

Peggy Whitson, a record-shattering NASA astronaut, touched down in Kazakhstan at 9:21 p.m. EDT alongside a fellow American and a Russian in their Soyuz capsule, wrapping up a record-breaking mission.

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