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Yadegar-e-Imam IAU to Unveil Prototype Scheme For Online Air Taxi

Head of Secretariat of Scientific Program, Communication Networks and Transportation of Yadegar-e-Imam (R.A) IAU has announced on holding sea, air and sport startup weekends on August/September, 2019.

Yadegar-e-Imam IAU to Host 19th Startup Weekend of Transportation

Yadegar-e-Imam (R.A) Islamic Azad University will host the 19th edition of national transportation competition from 9 -12 June, 2019.

Yadegar-e-Imam IAU to Hold Startup Weekend Agriculture & Food Industry

The head of Scientific Secretariat and Transportation Networks of Yadegar-e-Imam (RA) IAU has announced that Startup Weekend Agriculture and Food Industry will be held on January 27-29 at Imam Khomeini Musalla.

IAU, Tehran Municipality to Co-op in Urban Decay Renovation

The mayor of Tehran District 17 Municipality has stated that Tehran Municipality has begun an extensive cooperation with Islamic Azad University to renovate urban decay.

Shahr Rey IAU Opens 1st Smart City Startup Weekend

The opening ceremony of the first Smart City Startup Weekend has been held in Islamic Azad University, Yadegar-e-Imam branch on January 13-15, 2019.

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