Amirkabir University of Technology Engineers Design Robot Waiters

Engineers of Amirkabir University of Technology have designed and made intelligent waiter robots capable of interacting with humans in restaurants.

Tehran University Students Shine in 2020 Moscow Int'l Garden and Flower Festival

University of Tehran students ranked third in the 9th Moscow International Garden and Flower Festival “Moscow Flower Show Online 2020”, also won the special prize of Smart Garden competition.

Iranian Researchers Create Electrochemical ROS Detector in Fresh Sputum for Real-Time Screening of COVID-19

A group of Iranian researchers from University of Tehran, Breast Cancer Research Center, Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences, Pasteur Institute of Iran and Shiraz University of Medical Sciences have designed a simple electrochemical sensor to selectively detect the intensity of Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) in the sputum sample.

The Fear of Coronavirus Could Make You Particularly Vulnerable to It

A group of Iranian researchers from Isfahan University of Medical Sciences, Payame Noor University of Tehran and University of Tehran Kish International Campus have studied the psychosocial effects of pandemics and briefly reviewed health psychology strategies to tackle this crisis.

Mostafa Asgari

Vardij, Hill of Stone Ghosts/ In Photos

As a tourist spot located in the mountainous Kan district, northwest of Tehran, Vardij is a village where its rocks look like giant human heads. The village is located some 15 kilometers north of Vardavard which is the most western region of Tehran. Gradual erosion of rocks in the region has shaped some unusual forms known to people as “rocky ghosts”.

Azar Khajehvand, Mostafa Asgari

Eid al-Fitr Prayers in Tehran/ In Photos

After one month of fasting in holy month of Ramadan, People held Eid al-Fitr prayers differently from previous years due to the Corona outbreak.

University of Tehran, NTUT Co-op in Int’l Joint Research Project

Researchers of University of Tehran in cooperation with National Taipei University of Technology (NTUT) have carried out a research project on preparation and evaluation of appropriate osteogenic composite materials based on seashell powders for regenerative medicine.

Tehran Unveils Plan of Iran's World Heritage Sites Virtual Tour

Iranian officials have recently unveiled a plan to promote the virtual tour of Iran’s historical spots listed on UNESCO’s world heritage sites.

Mostafa Asgari

Tehran Persian Garden Hosting Tulips/ In Photos

As a popular attraction visited by locals and foreign tourists all around the year, "Iranian Garden" is hosting beautiful and colorful tulips. This place is located in Vanak Village (Dehe Vanak) in the north-west of Tehran.

Mostafa Asgari

Azadi Tower Lit Up in Tribute to Frontline Workers and with Reminders to "Stay Home"/ In Photos

In Tehran, famous Azadi Tower has lit up with messages of hopes, instructions to stay at home and to thank those working on the frontline of the coronavirus pandemic over the last two weeks. The iconic buildings and structures have shown solidarity with those in self-isolation and saluted medical workers. The messages have now been displayed on the emblematic Empire State Building, the Great Pyramid of Giza, Tehran's Azadi Tower and also on Switzerland’s iconic Matterhorn Peak.

Mostafa Asgari

Tehran Recreation Sites Closed Due to Coronavirus/ In Photos

Recreation areas, museums and historical sites in Tehran shut down amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Iranian Knowledge-Based Co. Creates Domestic Respiratory Equipment for Covid-19 Patients

A group of graduates from Sharif University of Technology, University of Tehran and Amirkabir University of Technology have designed and created Iran-made medical equipment since 2014, based on the world's latest technology.

Mohammad Mehdi Dorani

Tehran During the Persian New Year/ In Photos

Nowruz is supposed to be one of the happiest and busiest times of the year when people get together and visit their families. But this year, Iranians stay at home during Nowruz, the Persian New Year in order to help break the coronavirus chain of transmission.

Helia Saeedi

Spring Blossoms in Tehran/ In Photos

On the verge of the spring time, spring blossoms of varying colors are blooming in Tehran.

Mohammad Mahdi Dorani

Disinfecting Valiasr Street in Tehran to Contain the Coronavirus/ In Photo

As the new coronavirus outbreak in Tehran, Iranian authorities are spraying city streets with clouds of disinfectant to contain the spread of the virus, officially known as Covid-19.

INOTEX 2020 to be Held in Tehran

Tehran Permanent International Fairground will host the 9th edition of International Innovation and Technology Exhibition (INOTEX 2020) from June 7 to 10.

Iran Suspends China Presence at Tehran Book Fair Over Coronavirus Fears

The 33rd Tehran International Book Fair (TIBF) deputy director announced that China’s presence in the book fair has been suspended following the new coronavirus epidemic.

Iranian Universities among Top ISC 2019 Rankings

Based on the Islamic World University Rankings 2019, announced by the Islamic World Science Citation Center (ISC), 43 Iranian universities have been placed among top universities in this list.

Tehran University to Host 1st Int’l Conference on Nanotechnology & Nanoscience

The 1st International Conference on Nanotechnology and Nanoscience will be hosted by University of Tehran Aras International Campus on March 14th, 2020.

Iranians Join 22nd Bahan Rallies to Mark Islamic Revolution Anniversary

Iranian people from all across the country took to streets on Tuesday, February 11, to commemorate the 41st anniversary of the Islamic Revolution.

Deadline for ICWR2020 Paper Submission Extended

The deadline for full paper submission for the 6th International Conference on Web Research (ICWR2020) has been extended up to February 21.

Tehran to Host the 19th Int’l Exhibition on the Environment

Tehran will host the 19th International Exhibition on the Environment on March 4-7, 2020.

Helia Saeidi

Press Conference of Chinese Ambassador to Iran/ In Photos

Chinese Ambassador to Iran Chang Hua explained about the novel coronavirus outbreak in a press conference held in Tehran on February 5, 2020.

Chinese Ambassador to Iran:

U.S. Irresponsible Actions against Coronavirus/ China Appreciates Iran Great Supports

The Chinese ambassador to Iran has stated that Iran has fairly faced to the the current outbreak of novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) and China is making best efforts to prevent it with the latest equipment.

Successful Simultaneous Cesarean Delivery and Neurosurgery in Tehran

A successful simultaneous cesarean delivery and neurosurgery has been done in a 24-year-old Iranian mother in Baghiyyatollah al-Azam Military Hospital in Tehran.

Iranian Researchers Can Diagnose Cancer Tumor During Surgery

Iranian researchers have designed and created a unique device which can detect cancerous tissue during surgery.

Iran to Run AI Center on the Memorial to the Victims of Ukraine Int’l Airlines Flight 752

The head of Amirkabir University of Technology has announced on running Artificial Intelligence Center on the memorial to the victims of Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752.

Iranian Researchers Produce Antibacterial and Anti-hemolytic Wound Dressings

A group of researchers from Royan Institute and University of Tehran has improved anti-hemolytic, antibacterial and wound healing properties of alginate fibrous wound dressings by exchanging counter-cation for infected full-thickness skin wounds.

Helia Saeidi, Faezeh Hamidia

Winter Snowfall in Tehran/ in Photos

Heavy snow covered the streets of Tehran on Sunday and it is forecast to continue until Monday in Tehran and other northern provinces.

Iran-Made Airbus 320 Flight Simulator Unveiled in Tehran

Iran's Vice President for Science and Technology Sorena Sattari has unveiled Iran-made Airbus 320 Flight Simulator.

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