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Garmsar IAU Researcher Creates Spray to Stop the Bleeding

A researcher from Garmsar Islamic Azad University has developed a kind of spray that can halt bleeding nearly instantaneously, an advance that could be applied in superficial, deep, and even amputee injuries.

Tehran Medical IAU Announces Recall, “Great Ideas. Great Visions”

The education deputy of Islamic Azad University, Tehran Medical Branch has announced on receiving innovative educational ideas.

Student of Central Tehran IAU Makes Nanocapsules and Nanoadsorbent

An Organic Chemistry student of Islamic Azad University, Central Tehran branch has succeeded to create Medicinal nanocapsules which enhance the effect of the medicine with natural essences.

Dr. Mirzadeh launches Construction Projects in IAU, Tehran Medical Branch

The president of Islamic Azad University ,accompanied by the deputy of the Tehran Medical branch, and the head of the faculty, initiated a number of construction projects in the IAU, Tehran Medical branch.

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