Mahdi Salehi

Bethlehem Church, a Must-See Attraction in Isfahan/ In Photos

This Armenian Apostolic 17th-century church can be found in Isfahan, Iran's showstopper Safavid city that bedecked each street with glorious monuments and buildings. Bethlehem Church was constructed and completed in 1627. The walls bear elaborate paintings, representing a combination of Iranian and Italian artistic styles. They are mostly painted by European and Armenian artists depicting stories from the Gospel and Torah.

Mahdi Salehi

Angourestan- e Malek, a Must See Historical Site in Isfahan/ In Photos

Angourestan- e Malek, located in Malek Street, Isfahan, was built in the early Qajar dynasty. Malek Al Tojjar was one of the richest merchants of Qajar period. The house was dedicated to Imam Hossein. Different religious ceremonies are held in this house in Imam Hossein’s honor.

Iran Ranks 2nd in World’s Fastest Growing Tourist Destination, UNWTO Reports

United Nations World Tourism Organization has announced Iran as the world’s second fastest growing tourist destination in 2018.

Iran is Beautiful/ Tourist Attractions and Destinations

Towbiroun Valley, Taking Away Fevers and Cooling Down the Body

Towbiroun Valley, located in Dezful County in Khuzestan Province, is known for its cool and pleasant weather, where it takes away any fevers and cools down the body.

Yemeni Student in Tehran Int'l Book Fair:

Many People Don’t Know About Yemen History, Culture and Beautiful Places

As a platform not only for Iranian but renowned international publishers, 32nd Tehran International Book Fair provides a great situation for presenting latest titles.

Hazhar Zaheri

Asef Vaziri House / In Photos

Asef Vaziri House is a symbol of Kurds tribe's cultural identity, also the most valuable cultural relics of the city of Sanandaj, West of Iran. The house includes the ceremonial hall, rooms and corridors parties and some parts of the eastern spaces is related to Safavid era and the other parts or components have been added in Qajar and Pahlavi periods. Stucco, old Sashes, carved stones, mirror decoration, carved brick and embowed arches has been reflected skillfully and beautiful in this building. In addition to the building entrance and the entrance corridor, aqueducts and dividing water room, has four gates that they are known as the outer courtyard (main), inner courtyard, kitchen garden and employees yard.

56% Rise in Iran Tourist Arrivals

The number of foreigners travelled to Iran during the seven months to October 22, shows a growth of 56% in total number of foreign visitors compared with the same period last year.

Tabriz Bazaar, The Largest Roofed Bazaar in the World

The Grand Bazaar of Tabriz is known as the largest roofed Bazaar in the world and the oldest one in the Middle East.

Ghasabeh, The Greatest & Oldest Qanat in the World

Qasabe Qanats of Gonabad, located at Gonabad, Razavi Khorasan Province, Iran, contains 427 water wells with a total length of 33,113 meters. It is one of the oldest and largest qanats in the world, which dates back to 2500 or 2700 years ago and is the only suggested monument by the Great Khorasan to UNESCO to be registered.

Annual Foreign Tourist Arrivals at 5.2 Million

Almost 5.2 million foreign travelers visited Iran in the previous Iranian calendar year 1396, which ended on March 20.

Khorasan Razavi Plans to Attract Georgian Tourists

Khorasan Razavi Province is taking the initiative of promoting Iranian attractions in the Eurasian country.

Iran is Beautiful/ Tourist Attractions and Destinations

Mojen, Fountain of Seven Colors

Seven color Mojen spring is located in the 25km north of Shharud, in rift valley of Shhavar Mountain with 4000 peak.

Iran to Officially Launch Tabriz 2018 in Norouz

Iran will officially launch events related to Tabriz 2018 in Norouz, the Iranian New Year that starts on March 21, 2018, during a ceremony attended by President Hassan Rouhani.

Iran is Beautiful/ Tourist Attractions and Destinations

Zrebar Lake, One of the Most Unique Freshwater Lakes in the World

Zrebar lake is the largest and most beautiful lake in west of Iran and one of the most unique freshwater lakes in the world.

Iran is Beautiful/ Tourist Attractions and Destinations

The 19th-Century Mosque: Gorgeous Blend of Islamic, Persian Architecture

Masjed-e Agha Bozorg (Agha Bozorg Mosque) is the 19th-century mosque and one of many top destinations in central Iran that attracts lots of travelers and architecture buffs.

Iran is Beautiful/ Tourist Attractions and Destinations

Ancient City of Gōr, Iran's First Circular City

As Iran’s first circular city, Gor is located 50 kilometers east of Meymand and 6 kilometers north of Firouzabad in Fars province.

Iran is Beautiful/ Tourist Attractions and Destinations

Hilal ibn Ali, Magnificent Islamic Architectural Shrine

The magnificent Shrine of Hilal ibn Ali is located in Aran-Bidgol near Kashan, Isfahan province, central Iran.

Iran is Beautiful/ Tourist Attractions and Destinations

Saholan Cave, Iran’s Second Largest Water Cave

Saholan is a historical water cave located in a namesake village, 43 km to the east of Mahabad, in West Azerbaijan Province.

Yazd to Host 100 Spanish Tourists to Participate in Tasu’a, Ashura

More than 100 Spanish tourists will participate in the religious and traditional mourning ceremony of Imam Hussein (PBUH), the third Shia Imam.

Iran is Beautiful/ Tourist Attractions and Destinations

Cypress of Abarkuh, Symbol of “Life and Beauty”

Abarkuh Cypress (Sarve Abarkooh) is Iran's oldest living organism and the second oldest living organism of the world.

Iran is Beautiful/ Tourist Attractions and Destinations

Autumn in Chalus

An amazing scenic mountain road, Chalus road passes through varying scenic segments, from semi-arid to snow covered and rocky to lush green mountains in the north, Iran.

Iran is Beautiful/ Tourist Attractions and Destinations

Sar Aqa Seyyed: Village with Spectacular Architecture

Sar Aqa Seyyed is a village, located 130 kilometers from Shahr-e Kord and 45 kilometers northwest of Chelgard in the Central District of Kuhrang County, Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari Province, Iran.

Iran is Beautiful/ Tourist Attractions and Destinations

Qalat, an Old Village in Shiraz

Qalat, one of the historic villages around Shiraz with various architectures, is located in 15km North West of the famous Iranian city of Shiraz.

Darreh Khazineh, Iran’s Tourist Hub in Lorestan

A steep canyon in the Lorestan province, western Iran, is a place where people cross an elevated suspension bridge that spans the Khazineh valley.

IAU Branches to Incorporate Iranian-Islamic Architecture / Free Campus Space for Tourism Development

The 19th Civil Deputies Conference of Islamic Azad University has been held with the presence of Dr. Hamid Mirzadeh and Mohsen Hashemi, IAU deputy of civil engineering.

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