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Researchers Discover Coronavirus on Air Pollution Particles

Researchers in Italy have discovered that that coronavirus was detected on particles of air pollution.

Iranian Researchers Develop Nanofilters Absorbing Diesel Soot

Iranian researchers have developed a new generation of nanofilters which can absorb diesel soot.

Iranian Researchers Remove Sulfur from Fuels

Researchers from University of Isfahan have succeeded to remove sulfur from crude oil which is an important aspect of all countries to reduce air pollution.

The Pollution Diet: How to Reduce the Health Effects of Air Pollution?

The pollution level in our country is rising tremendously and officials warned the young, elderly and people with respiratory illnesses to stay indoors.

Researchers Create a System that Could Remove 99% of Traffic Pollutants

Researchers of Pollution Solution Company have created a system of air suction pods, which ‘pull in’ any pollution created by vehicles.

Startup Working to Predict City Air Pollution

Space Layer Technologies is a startup company and is interface between a theoretical and computational chemist researcher with great knowledge in the field of Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and environment.

Khomeyni Shahr IAU Student Designs Smart Tree To Curb Pollution Crisis

A student of Islamic Azad University, Khomeyni Shahr branch has designed and created a smart tree with high adsorption capacity to reduce air pollution.

Researchers Develop Carbon Monoxide Removal Reactor

Researchers from Hakim Sabzevari University have developed a temperature and pressure reactor to pave the way of solving air pollution issues.

Air Pollution Linked to Serious Changes in Heart Structure, Study Shows

A team of scientists, led from Queen Mary University of London by Professor Steffen Petersen, have found that people exposed to air pollution levels within UK guidelines have changes in the structure of the heart, similar to those seen in the early stages of heart failure.

Sufian IAU Student Designs Smart Deice Growing Plants

A computer student from Sufiam Islamic Azad University has designed and made a smart device for growing plants.

Qazvin IAU Students Manufacture Quadro Electric Car

Qazvin IAU Students have built the Quadro (Q1), an electric automobile, in order to overcome air pollution.

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