New Drug May Stop Pandemic 'Without Vaccine'

Researchers of a Chinese laboratory have been developing a drug which may have the power to bring the coronavirus pandemic to a halt.

University of Toronto Researchers Developing Antibodies to 'Neutralize' Covid-19

Researchers at University of Toronto's Donnelly Centre are developing antibodies to help boost patient immunity and 'neutralize' novel coronavirus before it invades cells.

Chinese Researchers Report Structure of the COVID-19 Bound to its Human Target

A team of researchers in China has reported the crystal structure of a part of the novel coronavirus bound to its target on human cells that could help in drug discovery.

Chinese Scientists Develop Oral Vaccine to Beat Coronavirus

Chinese scientists have developed oral vaccine without having any side effects to beat new coronavirus.

Scientists Latest Efforts to Develop Coronavirus Treatment

Pharmaceutical firms and research groups all around the world are making attempts to develop treatment for new virus.

Iranian Researchers Present an Effective Way for Intestine Cancer Treatment

A team of researchers from University of Tehran in cooperation with Tabriz Medical University have presented a method for purification of scFv antibodies using nanozeolite microspheres.

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