Iran National Plans on the Occasion of World Cancer Day

Iranian deputy health minister has stated that Iran has developed several national cancer control programs in order to improve

Researchers Develop Nanoparticles Help Immune System Fight Cancer

Researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison have developed artificial nanoparticles that should be cheaper and easier to produce.

Iranian Researchers Can Diagnose Cancer Tumor During Surgery

Iranian researchers have designed and created a unique device which can detect cancerous tissue during surgery.

Researchers Discover Cancer-Killing Ability in Non-Cancer Drugs

Researchers from MIT and Harvard University have recently discovered number of non-oncology drugs which are able to kill cancer cell lines in the lab.

Iranian Scientists Develop Domestic Gamma Probe System

Researchers from a knowledge based company, Parto Negar Persia Co. Ltd, have developed a domestic gamma probe system to identify and remove the sentinel node(s) using a minimally invasive procedure.

Iranian Researchers Discover AI Can Help Cancer Treatment

A group of researchers from Sharif University of Technology, Royan Institute and Colorado State University has discovered that Artificial Intelligence can play a significant role in cancer researches.

Researchers Discover Secrets of Cell Division

Researchers at Princeton University have uncovered the vital role played by a protein that is elevated in over 25% of all cancers.

Iran, Second Leading Country with Technical Knowledge of Radiopharmaceutical for Cancer Diagnosis

Iranian researchers from Institute for Nuclear Science and Technology of Atomic energy Organization of Iran have achieved to the technical knowledge of a kind of radiopharmaceutical for diagnosis of Lymphoma cancer.

Scientists Sensitize Cancer Cells to Treatment Using Nanoparticles

Researchers from Brigham and Women's Hospital in cooperation with an Iranian scientist have presented a nanoparticle-based method for cancer treatment.

Iranian Researchers Design Microfluidic Platform for CTC Isolation and Enquiry

Researchers from Sharif University of Technology have designed microfluidic platform for CTC isolation and enquiry for the first time in the country.

Hamadan IAU Researchers Create Cancer Detection Kit

Researchers of Hamadan Islamic Azad University Incubator Center have successfully created a test kit for clinical use which can diagnose cancer in the early stages.

Chinese Researchers Develop Purple Tomato Rich in Anthocyanins

Chinese researchers could develop purple tomato rich in anthocyanins, a group of antioxidant-boosting pigments that lower the risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer.

Shahrekord IAU Faculty Member Develops Anti-Gastric Cancer Drug

Farhang Tirgir, faculty member of Shahrekord Islamic Azad University, have succeeded in designing, synthesizing and developing an effective anti-gastric cancer drug.

Shahrekord IAU Faculty Members Develop Effective Drug for Gastric Cancer Treatment

Faculty members of Shahrekord Islamic Azad University have developed an effective medicine for gastric cancer treatment.

Scientists Search about the Root of Diseases

Scientists are making attempts to search for the earliest signs of cancer in a bid to detect and treat the disease before it emerges.

Researchers Discover Link between Eating High Amounts of Cheese and Breast Cancer

Researchers have discovered an apparent link between eating high amounts of the calcium-rich food and increasing the risk of breast cancer.

Iranian Researchers Develop New Formulation to Treat Cancer Cells

A team of researchers from University of Tehran Faculty of New Sciences and Technologies have succeeded in developing new formulation based on Alpha-lactalbumin and magnetic iron nanoparticles for cancer therapy and diagnosis.

IAU Researchers Apply Spherical Nanoparticles to Eradicate Cancerous Tumors

Researchers from Islamic Azad University have succeeded in eradicating cancerous tumors through distributing uniform particles and applying a novel drug delivery system.

South Tehran IAU Student Conquers Mount Ararat

BS Architecture student of South Tehran Islamic Azad University has successfully conquered Mount Ararat in Turkey.

Researchers Discover New Strategy to Protect Hair Follicles from Chemotherapy

Researchers from the University of Manchester have discovered a new strategy to protect to protect hair follicles from chemotherapy.

Researchers Develop Gold-Based Molecules Targeting Cancer Cells

Researchers at RMIT University have succeeded in engineering gold-based molecules that target cancer cells and leave healthy cells unharmed.

Researchers Discover New Drug to Treat Brain Cancer

Pharmacy students of the University of Findlay are working on a new groundbreaking treatment for one of the deadliest forms of the cancer.

Scientists May Find the Reason of Aging

Researchers at the University of Southern California may discover a key to understand the aging process in the body.

Ashkezar IAU Student Discovers Anti-Cancer Drug with Plant & Animal Origin

A student of Ashkezar IAU and his research team have succeeded in discovering the effect of new drug with plant and animal origin on patients with colon and breast tumors.

Scientists Destroy Cancer Cells in the Blood

Scientists have developed a new kind of laser that can destroy those tumor cells from the outside of the skin.

Tehran to Open First Cardio-Oncology Research Center in Asia

First cardio-oncology research center in Asia will be launched in Shahid Rajaee teaching hospital in Tehran.

AI Detects Lung Cancer Before Radiologists

Researchers of Northwestern University in Illinois and Google have discovered that Artificial Intelligence is better than specialist doctors at diagnosing lung cancer.

Google Claims Its AI Can Spot Long Cancer

Google claims that its "promising" artificial intelligence is able to spot lung cancer a year before a human doctor.

Iranian Scientists Unveil 4 Vital Cancer, Diabetes Drugs

Iranian scientists have unveiled two vital cancer drugs and two medicines commonly taken by diabetic patients.

Iranian Scientists Apply Photodynamic Therapy to Destroy Cancer Cells

Scientists of photodynamic research group of Iran Medical Laser Research Center have applied photodynamic technique to cure cancer.

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