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Hazhar Zaheri

IAU Council Meeting / In Photos

The Council Meeting of Islamic Azad University has been held with the presence of IAU president, the head of IAU board of directors and trustees, universities’ deputies and heads of IAU provincial centers in IAU Central Organization.

Yasaman Mohammad

IAU Celebrates Iran National Teacher’s Day / In Photos

A special ceremony has been held on the occasion of National Teachers’ Day with the presence of IAU president, Dr. Farhad Rahbar, in Islamic Azad University Central Organization. Iranians mark the day in memory of Ayatollah Morteza Motahhari, one of the architects of the Islamic Republic and a man who devoted his life to opening up and writing about Islamic teachings. He was martyred on the same day in 1980.

IAU Holds the 15th Conference of Deputy Heads of Research & Technology

The 5th edition of national conference of Science and Research deputies of Islamic Azad University has been held in IAU central organization, Sunday, December 17, 2017.

Ali Reza Mirzaei

The IAU President Meets with Iran MPs / In Photos

The president of Islamic Azad University, Dr. Farhad Rahbar met with members of the Iranian parliament in IAU Central Organization.

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