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How to Tackle Anxiety and Depression During COVID-19?

The global lockdown is taking a toll on mental health. Loneliness is one of the feelings that are being experienced during the current coronavirus pandemic.

COVID-19 Specific Change in Genome Makes it More Infectious

Deputy health minister Reza Malekzadeh has stated that global researches show that a specific change in the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus genome has caused it to be more infectious by 3-9 times compared to the onset of the pandemic.

Online Learning Discussed in 'Good Screen Time vs. Bad Screen Time' Webinar

A webinar on 'Good Screen Time vs Bad Screen Time' has been held by experts in the field of neuroscience psychology, medicine and cyber security to make a fair assessment of the nature and need of online learning.

The Godfather of Vaccines Working to Fight the Coronavirus

Dr. Stanley Plotkin, who invented the rubella vaccine at the Wistar Institute, and has worked on vaccines for anthrax, polio, rabies and rotavirus, is consulting for pharmaceutical companies on vaccine development to halt the COVID-19 pandemic.

Surprising Effect of Coronavirus Pandemic on Planet Earth

Most of the world’s major cities have been left empty due to the coronavirus pandemic, so it is also having one surprising effect on the planet as well.

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