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Tehran to Host the 19th Int’l Exhibition on the Environment

Tehran will host the 19th International Exhibition on the Environment on March 4-7, 2020.

Engineers Develop Sand Pulling Pollutants from Stormwater

Engineers from University of California, Berkeley have developed a kind of sand that can soak up toxic metals like lead and cadmium from water.

Researchers Propose a Solution to the Delayed Earth's Oxygenation

The existence evidences of the earth history and planetary science claims that oxygen-releasing photosynthesis evolving much earlier, perhaps as early as 3 billion years ago.

Science & Research IAU JEST Among Springer Publishing Index

The Journal of Environmental Science and Technology of Science and Research Islamic Azad University has been placed among Springer publishing indexes.

Researchers of S & R IAU Create IOT-based Environmental Pollution Monitoring Instrument

Researchers of IAU Science and Research branch, have produced an Environmental Pollution Monitoring Instrument with IOT Technology.

Student of S & R IAU Builds Environmental Pollution Measurement Device

Forouzan Faghiri, student of Islamic Azad University, Science and Research branch, has succeeded in creating an environmental pollution measurement device with remote registration and control. This device is small and portable and can measure parameters such as LPG, CO, smoke, dust, temperature, pressure, and humidity.

IAU S&R Student Bags 2 Silver and Gold Medals in Croatia Environmental Invention Festival

A student of Islamic Azad University, Science and Research branch has won two gold and silver medals in the Croatia Environmental Innovation and Invention Festival. (Annual ‘Innovation of the Year’ award)

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