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The 4th Generation Iranian Humanoid Robot Unveiled in University of Tehran

The 4th generation of Iranian humanoid robot, Surena, has been unveiled in University of Tehran.

Iranian Students Win 1st Place at RoboCup Asia Pacific 2019

Iranian students won medals at RoboCup Asia Pacific 2019 Rescue and Humanoid competition.

Scientists Develop Robot to Help Seniors

Scientists of Norway's Halodi Robotics have designed and manufactured a humanoid robot, EVE r3, which is capable of performing a variety of tasks.

Humanoid Robot Gives Math Lessons, Tells Jokes and Keeps China's Lonely Children

China’s latest robot, “iPal”, can speak two languages, give math lessons, tells joke and interact with children through the tablet screen in its chest.

Ilkhchi IAU IRC Team to Compete in RoboCup 2017

The Ilkhchi team will compete in the 21st edition of RoboCup 2017 in Nagoya, Japan in July 22-28, 2017.

West Tehran IAU & Sharif University of Technology Unveil RASA Robot

Researchers at West Tehran, IAU and Sharif University Technology have unveiled the Robot Assistant for Social Aims (RASA) at the 17th Exhibition of Research and technological achievements.

RoboCup 2016 Results in Tele-operated Deminer Robots, Humanoid, & Small Size Soccer Leagues

In the 11th RoboCup Iran Open competitions, 14 teams advanced to the next level in the section of Tele-operated Deminer Robots.

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