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Iran is an Effective Country in Science & Technology Interactions: Ian Biggs

Ian Biggs, the Australian ambassador to the Islamic Republic of Iran appreciated suitable scientific support and interactions of Iran’s Ministry of Science and Technology.

AUT Cooperating Academically with Asian and European Countries

The Director of Scientific and International Cooperation of Amirkabir University of Technology has stated that the university has been cooperating scientifically with France, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Austria and Turkey.

Iran, Russia to Strengthen and Develop Academic Relations

Deputy Science Minister for International Affairs Hossein Salar Amoli met and negotiated with Deputy Governor General of Volgograd province for international cooperation Vladimir Shekarin to emphasize on the importance of expanding international scientific cooperation.

IAU, Al-Mustafa International University Sign Co-op MoU

Islamic Azad University and Al-Mustafa International University have signed research, educational and cultural cooperation Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).

UAE IAU and University of Dubai to Expand Academic-Research Cooperation

The heads of Islamic Azad University, UAE Branch and University of Dubai have paid a visit to discuss research and academic cooperation.

University of Islamic Denominations & Arab World to Co-op Scientifically

The third edition of International Scientific Forum of Iran and Arab World has been held in Tunisia.

Astana Hosts the 1st Summit on Science and Technology of the OIC

The first Summit of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation on science and technologies with the participation of the heads of several states was held in Astana's Independence Palace, in Kazakhstan.

S & R IAU and Australian Entrepreneurs to Launch Knowledge-Based Companies

A delegation of Australian entrepreneurs met with officials of Islamic Azad University, Science and Research branch and discussed potential fields of cooperation.

IAU & Ministry of Science, Research and Technology Co-op in Int’l Affairs

The Ministry and Islamic Azad University will be collaborating closely in implementing international scientific cooperation agreements.

IAU President Meets with Austrian Ambassador in Iran / IAU & Austrian Universities to Develop Academic Cooperation

Austrian Ambassador to Tehran Friedrich Stift and the president of Islamic Azad University, have visited and negotiated to develop academic cooperation in near future.

IAU to Run Co-op Offices in 10 Countries

The spokesman of Islamic Azad University has announced plans to launch 10 coordination desks in 10 countries.

Dr. Mohammad Javad Zarif:

Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ready to Work with IAU

The president of Islamic Azad University, Dr. Hamid Mirzadeh met with Dr. Mohammad Javad Zarif, Iranian Minister of Foreign Affairs to exchange views about IAU international affairs.

:IAU President

IAU Focused On International Scientific Exchanges

The president of Islamic Azad University, Dr. Hamid Mirzadeh, has announced that international scientific exchanges are the focal point of the IAU master program.

IAU & Vietnam to Develop Academic Cooperation

Vietnam’s Minister of Science, Research, and Technology visited the president of Islamic Azad University to discuss the mutual development of academic cooperation.

Director of IAU International Academic Cooperation Bureau:

IAU Cooperation Offices to be Launched in 11 Countries

The director of International Scientific Cooperation of Islamic Azad University has announced the initiation of a new phase of international scientific cooperation with the world.

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