Instituto Cervantes Representative Visits North Tehran IAU

The director of Instituto Cervantes, Middle East branch, has paid a visit to Spanish Languages & Literatures Department in Islamic Azad University, North Tehran branch.

University of Isfahan to Hold Persian Language Course for Korean Students

The head of International and Scientific Cooperation Office in the University of Isfahan has announced on holding Persian Language Learning Courses for Korean students in future.

General Director of IAU International Affairs:

IAU New International Policies

The general director of Islamic Azad University International Affairs has announced the university’s new policies in international arena.

E-Campus to Present Online Language Courses

The Electronic Campus of Islamic Azad University (I.A.U.E.C) has become an exclusive executor of holding online English language courses instead of English Proficiency Test (EPT).

On the Occasion of the 1st National Conference on Ethics and Mysticism in Persian Literature

Dr. Rahbar: Iran is the Birthplace of the Greatest Muslim Mystics

The first national conference on ethics and mysticism in Persian literature has been held in Zahedan Islamic Azad University in May 9, 2018.

Russian Universities to Develop Persian Language and Iranology Courses in Their Curriculum

Iran’s Minister of Science, Research and Technology Mansour Gholami has met and talked with Russian president’s special representative for humanitarian cooperation with the Caspian countries Ramazan Abdulatipov in order to promote bilateral cooperation.

Scientists Point Critical Period for Learning Language

Based on a new study that has been carried out in Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), children must start to learn a new language by the age of 10 to achieve the fluency level of a native speaker.

Persian Language Expanded Abroad to Create Concentration, Synergy, and Integration

People are increasingly interested in learning more languages, and sometimes even obliged to, and Islamic Azad University has a key role in developing and showing the richness of the Persian language to the world.

Isfahan IAU Researchers Create Interactive Robot for Teaching English Language

Researchers of Isfahan Islamic Azad University have designed and made an interactive robot which is able to interact with language learners by carrying out conversations and asking and answering questions.

RAVE, Language Teacher for Deaf and Hearing Children

RAVE, Robot Avatar Thermal-Enhanced prototype, could someday hang above an infant’s crib, detect when they’re ready to learn, and then begin to communicate with them.

Bilingual Brains Process Differently Depending on the Language Used

A research team led by Dr. Amandine Van Rinsveld and Professor Dr. Christine Schiltz from the Cognitive Science and Assessment Institute (COSA) at the University of Luxembourg have investigated the effect of multilingual people in solving arithmetical tasks.

Razi University Holds 12th Int’l Conference on Iranian Society for the Promotion of Persian Language & Literature

Razi University has hold the 12th International Conference on Iranian Society for the Promotion of Persian Language and Literature in Kermanshah.

IAU to Hold IFRS Special Courses in Master Level

The Conference on “International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and its Role in Increase Transparency in the Financial Market” was held in Tehran on February 25, 2017.

West Tehran IAU & Sharif University of Technology Unveil RASA Robot

Researchers at West Tehran, IAU and Sharif University Technology have unveiled the Robot Assistant for Social Aims (RASA) at the 17th Exhibition of Research and technological achievements.

SAMA Organization to Run National and Int’l Language Institutes

Research and Education deputy of SAMA Organization, (affiliated with the Islamic Azad University,) has announced that it will open language institutes inside and outside the country.

Dr. Hossein Ebrahimi:

IAU to Run Int'l Website/ 6 Foreign Languages in IAU Offices and Branches

The head of International Affairs of Islamic Azad University spoke of the university's mission in focusing on other languages alongside English.

IAU OLC to Run Language Learning Center

Islamic Azad University, Oxford Language College will hold various language learning courses in the near future.

Dr. Mirzadeh:

IAU to Develop Teaching Persian Language and Literature through Its Int’l Branches and Offices with Cooperation of Sa'di Foundation

The head of the Sa'di Foundation, Dr. Gholam Ali Haddad-Adel, visited the president of Islamic Azad University, Dr. Hamid Mirzadeh, at the IAU Central Office.

SAMA Schools & Junior Colleges to Open Outside Iran

The education and research deputy of the SAMA Organization of Iran, affiliated with the Islamic Azad University has announced the establishment of SAMA language academies, schools, and junior colleges outside Iran in 2016-17 (1395).

Sanandaj IAU to Launch Persian Language Education Center in Sulaymaniyah

The head of Islamic Azad University, Sanandaj branch, has announced that the branch is ready to implement various academic projects in order to develop Kurdistan province.

IAU Determined to Strengthen National & International Cultural Cooperation

Islamic Azad University and the Islamic Culture and Relations Organization have signed a cooperation Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in order to develop research, scientific, and cultural collaboration and also reach common goals.

IAU Negotiates with 18 Embassies on Developing Persian Language

The general director of international affairs of Islamic Azad University has stated that “during the past months, IAU’s authorities have negotiated with 18 embassies on developing Persian language and literature in Asian, North African, and East European countries.”

Dr. Mirzadeh:

IAU Must Establish Persian Language Courses in International Branches

In the 139th meeting of IAU’s board of directors, the president of Islamic Azad University has emphasized the importance of establishing courses on Persian Language and Literature, Iranian civilization, and Islamic-Iranian Art in IAU’s international branches.

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