S & R IAU Researchers Produce Paper From Peanut Shell Wastes

Researchers from Science and Research Islamic Azad University have succeeded to register their patent about making paper from peanut shell wastes.

Iranian Researchers Make Paper From Soda Bagasse Pulp

Iranian researchers have investigated the effects of cationic starch in the presence of cellulose nanofibrils on structural, optical and strength properties of paper from soda bagasse pulp.

Stephen Hawking's Final Paper Suggests Way to Detect the 'Multiverse'

Stephen Hawking's final research paper has proposed that our universe is just one among many in a larger "multiverse."

Iran Stone Association to Make Paper from Stone Waste

Iran Stone Association will carry out a project to make paper from stone waste.

Paper Visas to Iran to be Scrapped & Replaced by e-Visas

A joint conference of Iranian tour operators with state and private sectors active in the tourism industry which aimed at presenting the demands of tourism organizations to the country's policymakers was held in Tehran.

S & R IAU Researchers Make Paper from Luffa Cylindrica

Researchers from Islamic Azad University, Science and Research branch have created high-resistant papers from Luffa Cylindrica.

Iranian Eco-Friendly Publication Being Printed on Stone Paper

An Iranian eco-friendly quarterly publication, ‘Gilgamesh magazine’, is being printed on stone paper and distributed by bike.

Software Engineer Builds Paper Fingernail Sized Engine

The smallest engine in the world made entirely out of paper with a software engine.

New Electronic "Paper" Displays Whole Color Range

Researchers of Chalmers University of Technology have succeeded to develop a new bendable electronic paper which gives all the colors that a standard LED display does.

IAU Researchers Make Stronger Paper with Nano-clays

Researchers at Islamic Azad University, Science and Research, Chalus, and Sari branches have improved the strength of the paper by applying Nano-clay in their production process.

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