Iranian Knowledge-Based Co. Develops COVID-19 Test Cabin

An Iranian knowledge-based company at Alborz Science and Technology Park, has developed a dual-purpose test cabin both for coronavirus and tuberculosis that provides testing without the need for an additional protective suit.

Iranian Researchers Produce Biological Corneal Bandage Using Placenta Stem Cells

Iranian researchers from a knowledge-based company based in Pardis Technology Park have succeeded in producing a kind of biological bandage to heal or replace damaged eye tissue using placenta-derived stem cells.

Iranian Researchers Develop Air Ozonizer Machine

Iranian researchers of a knowledge-based company, Shareh Faraz Paydar (SFP), based in Amirkabir University of Technology Science and Technology Park, have succeeded in producing Air Ozonizer Machine to disinfect various places.

Iranian Researchers Create Dry Fog Disinfection System

Iranian researchers from Pardis Science and Technology Park have created a dry fog disinfection system to sterilize different surfaces and areas against COVID-19.

IAU, Vice-Presidency for Science and Technology Ink MoU

Islamic Azad University and Vice-Presidency for Science and Technology have signed a cooperation Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to establish a technology university in Pardis Technology Park.

Ali Asghar Samimi Baghi

Festival of Tulip Flowers in Mashhad Mellat Park/ In Photos

As a symbol of spring, the tulip flowers festival is being held in Park Mellat in the holy city of Mashhad, Northeast of Iran. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, this year the festival is held with no visitors.

IAU Researchers Create anti-Coronavirus Spread Product

The head of IAU Science and Technology Park has announced on producing a prototype of anti-Coronavirus spread product.

Iran to Export Anti-Cancer Drug to Thailand and Armenia

An Iranian knowledge-based company will export the anticancer drug “Sina Doxosome” to Thailand and Armenia before March 20, beginning of Persian New Year.

Iranian Researchers Produce Domestic X-ray Machine

Researchers of Alborz Science and Technology Park have succeeded to design and produce domestic X-ray machine.

Pardis Tech-Park to Host TIM 2020

Tehran’s Pardis Technology Park will host the 2nd Technology Investment Meeting (TIM 2020) on February 4-5, 2020, announced Milad Sadr-Khanlou, TIM director.

Iranian Companies Win Award in ASPA 2019

Two Iranian companies have won the Asian Science Park Association (ASPA) Awards 2019, held in Taiwan on November 11-13.

IAU Researchers Design Property Virtual Tours App

Researchers of a knowledge-based firm, located in Islamic Azad University Science and Technology Park,, have succeeded in designing an application which can provide 360 degree virtual tour to make affordable property virtual tours in a matter of minutes.

Tehran to Host EISA 2019

The 4th Summit of Exposure of Industries to Scientists’ Achievements (EISA) will be held in Pardis Technology Park on November 9-10, 2019.

UT Sci-Tech Park to Hold Summer School on Energy Management

An Internet of Thing (IoT) Summer School will be held at the University of Tehran’s Science and Technology Park from August 10, 2019.

IAU to Hold Science and Technology Park Innovation Tour

Rouhollah Dehghani Firoozabadi, Research, Innovation and Technology deputy of Islamic Azad University has stated that an innovation tour to IAU Science and Technology Park will be held in near future.

Iranian Artisans Produce Domestic Self-Repairing Bitumen

Iranian artisans have created bitumen with a self-repairing property to approximately double the service life of the pavement.

Iran, Philippines Ink Co-op MoU

Iran and Philippines have signed a scientific and technological Memorandum of Understanding in order to cooperate in the field of Agricultural Biotechnology, Nano technology, Neuroscience, Medicine, Pharmaceutical, Materials and advanced Manufacturing.

Isfahan to Host 2nd Int’l Conference on Green University

Deputy Minister for Fiscal and Human Resources has announced that the 2nd International Conference on Green University will be held in Isfahan from April 30 to May 1, 2019.

Pardis IAU Students to Cooperate with Industry

Research and Technology deputy of Pardis Islamic Azad University, Science and Technology Park has stated that students will cooperate with industry sector through applying their scientific thesis.

Golestan National Park to be Equipped with Smart Fire Alarm System

Golestan National Park is the oldest and biggest national park in Iran and one of 50 UNESCO biosphere reserve on the earth.

S & R IAU Researcher Makes Genetic Test Kit for Sport

A student of Islamic Azad University, Science and Research branch, has created a genetic test kit, “Genofit”, which is able to demonstrate sport’s vigilance as well as analyzing 25 types of genes.

IAU Faculty Member Commercializes 4 Knowledge-Based Products

The managing director of TST knowledge-based company has announced on supplying its products in the market.

Abbas Zarei-Hanzaki:

We Interact with IAU in Form of University Park Council

The head of University of Tehran Science and Technology Park has stated that the university interactions with Islamic Azad University is in the form of University Park Council.

First Blockchain Innovation Center to Be Launched

Science and Technology Vice-Presidency and Rahkar Sarzamin Hooshmand (SLS) have signed a cooperation Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to run the first Center to Accelerate Innovation in Blockchain.

IAU Special Plan to Interact with Eastern & Asian Universities

The deputy of Islamic Azad University Directorate of Research and Technology has stated that each IAU branches will be responsible to hold national and international conferences and forums in a specific academic and scientific major.

Pardis Science and Technology Park Produces Domestic Root Canal Disinfection Solution

Researchers of Pardis Science and Technology Park have produced domestic root canal disinfection solution to remain elimination of microorganisms from the root canal systems and prevention of recontamination after treatment.

Iran, Poland Science Parks to Expand Cooperation

Iran's Pardis Technology Park and Poland's Wroclaw Technology Park (WPT) have signed a cooperation Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to expanding joint scientific collaboration.

Iran Hosts 1st Int’l Nanotechnology Olympiad (INO)

The 1st International Nanotechnology Olympiad dubbed INO has been held in Iran in Pardis Technology Park for six days, on April 10th 2018.

Dr. Morteza Mousakhani:

IAU to Open 10 Science & Technology Parks and to Establish 190 Knowledge-Based Companies

The Acting head of Islamic Azad University Science & Technology Park has announced on opening 10 Science & Technology Parks in the Iranian New Year.

Beijing to Build a Giant $2.1 Billion Research Park

China is planning to build a 13.8 billion yuan ($2.12 billion) artificial intelligence development park in the city’s west, the official Xinhua news agency reported.

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