Video: Researchers Build Fastest Soft Robots Yet

Researchers have developed a new type of soft robot that is capable of moving more quickly on solid surfaces or in the water than previous generations of soft robots.

Researchers Develop Robot-Assisted High-Precision Surgery

Researchers from Maastricht University has passed the first human trial of a robot for “supermicrosurgery,” a term referring to surgery on vessels that range from 0.3 to 0.8 millimeters.

Scientists Design and Create the World's First Living Robots

Scientists at the University of Vermont have created what they claim are the world's first living robots.

The 4th Generation Iranian Humanoid Robot Unveiled in University of Tehran

The 4th generation of Iranian humanoid robot, Surena, has been unveiled in University of Tehran.

Iranian Students Win 1st Place at RoboCup Asia Pacific 2019

Iranian students won medals at RoboCup Asia Pacific 2019 Rescue and Humanoid competition.

Video: Robot Performs Culinary Tasks

'Mouza' is a robot which is able to serve up pancakes and coffee at the 2019 GITEX Technology Week from October 6 - 10.

Scientists Use Sensors to Help Robot Animals Move More Naturally

Researchers from Virginia Tech have been developing computer algorithms and sensors to help robot animals move more naturally.

Scientists Unveils Shapeshifter Robot / Video

Scientists from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory have unveiled 3D printed a prototype of the robot that is already capable of doing some impressive maneuvers.

Iranian Engineers Create Power Insulator Cleaning Robot

Engineers from Amirkabir University of Technology have succeeded in designing a robotic arm which is able to clean power insulators.

Iranian Engineers Make Surgical Robot Heartbeat Synchronization

Iranian engineers have succeeded in creating Surgical Robot Heartbeat Synchronization at AmirKabir University of Technology.

MIT Researchers Teach AI to Connect Senses

Researchers of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) at the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab (CSAIL) have created a predictive AI that allows robots to link multiple senses in much the same way humans do.

Scientists of University of Birjand Create Delta Robot

Scientists of University of Birjand have designed and created Delta Robot for the first time in East part of the country.

Ilkhchi IAU, SAIPA Automaker Company to Manufacture Industrial Robot

Ilkhchi Islamic Azad University in cooperation with SAIPA Automaker Company will manufacture an industrial robot.

Iranian Researchers Make Goods Carrying Robot

Supported by Iran National Science Foundation, researchers of Sharif University of Technology have designed and made a goods carrying robot.

Scientists Develop Robot to Help Seniors

Scientists of Norway's Halodi Robotics have designed and manufactured a humanoid robot, EVE r3, which is capable of performing a variety of tasks.

Iran to Host 2020 FIRA RoboWorld Cup

Iran will host the Federation of International Robot Soccer Association (FIRA) RoboWorld Cup and Congress in 2020.

Izeh IAU Unveils Flying Robot

Officials of Islamic Azad University, Izeh branch, have unveiled an industrial flying robot which can be applied in Shahid Abbaspour Dam and power station in Khuzestan province.

Robot-Powered Digital Pharmacy Opens in Urmia

The first smart pharmacy has been opened at the Tadbir Medical Complex in Urmia, West Azarbaijan Province.

Lahijan SAMA IAU Students to Compete in WRO 2018

Students of Gilan SAMA School affiliated to Islamic Azad University became runner up in the 15th World Robot Olympiad WRO 2018, held in Tehran, International Exhibition Center.

Artsy robot Recreates Existing Images in String-Art Form

Scientists at Austria's Vienna University of Technology (TU Wien) have recently created an algorithm that allows a robot to recreate existing images in string-art form.

Tehran to Host 2018 National ROV Competition

The National Student Remotely Operated underwater Vehicle (ROV) Competition will be held on the sideline of the 4th edition of national festival of “Sea, the Path of Progress” on October 23-25, 2018.

Iranian Teams Shine 2018 FIRA RoboWorld Cup

The head of the Iranian FIRA National Committee has announced that Iranian robotics teams have shone in the 2018 FIRA RoboWorld Cup, held from August 6 to 11 in Taichung, Taiwan.

Scientists Develop Machine-Learning Model Perceives Human Emotions

MIT Media Lab researchers have developed a machine-learning model which may interpret our emotions as naturally as humans do.

MIT Researchers Create Cell-Sized Robots Can Sense Their Environment

Researchers of Massachusetts Institute of Technology could create the smallest robots that can sense their environment, store data, and even carry out computational tasks.

Italian Engineer Develops a Writing Robot Turning any Surface Into a Drawing Canvas

Carlo Ratti is an architect and engineer who practices in Italy, has developed an intelligent writing robot that can draw and erase images on any vertical surface, from whiteboards to glass or plaster, transforming it into a screen where drawings, messages or feeds can be projected.

Scientists Make Robotic Grabber Catches Squidgy Deep Sea Animals without Harming Them

Scientists at Harvard University in Massachusetts have created a robotic grabber based on a regular dodecahedron, a 3D shape built from 12 pentagons.

Researchers Create Beaver-Inspired Autonomous Robot

UB researchers have turned to beavers, termites and other animals that build structures in response to simple environmental cues, as opposed to following predetermined plans.

A Robot Operates a Human Eye For the First Time

Surgeons from the University of Oxford’s Nuffield Department of Clinical Neurosciences have designed a robot-assisted eye surgery to perform surgery on the retina, the surface at the back of the eyeball for the first time.

IAU Robotic Teams to Compete in RoboCup 2018, MONTRÉAL

The 22nd RoboCup International Competition and Symposium will take place in Montreal, Canada on June 16-22, 2018.

Humanoid Robot Gives Math Lessons, Tells Jokes and Keeps China's Lonely Children

China’s latest robot, “iPal”, can speak two languages, give math lessons, tells joke and interact with children through the tablet screen in its chest.

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