Iran, China Researchers to Co-op in Cognitive Science

Researchers and technologists of Iran and China will cooperate in the field of cognitive science in the fifth edition of the Silk Road Science Fund (SRSF) program.

Iranian Researchers Create Dry Fog Disinfection System

Iranian researchers from Pardis Science and Technology Park have created a dry fog disinfection system to sterilize different surfaces and areas against COVID-19.

Physicists Create 1st First Working Prototype of a 'Quantum Radar'

Researchers have built the first working prototype of a 'Quantum Radar' that might eventually find a variety of applications in security and biomedical fields.

Scientists Create New Radar Prototype Using Quantum Entanglement to Detect Objects

A research group in the Institute for Quantum Science and Technology (IQST) is working on an exciting new application of the foundational working principle of quantum physics — quantum entanglement, an increasingly understood phenomenon that has no counterpart in classical physics.

IAU, Vice-Presidency for Science and Technology Ink MoU

Islamic Azad University and Vice-Presidency for Science and Technology have signed a cooperation Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to establish a technology university in Pardis Technology Park.

Iran Ranks 1st in Science Production in the Region

Director of the Center for the Development of Strategic Technologies in Iran’s Presidential Department for Science and Technology has announced that Iran ranks first in the region in production of science.

Exclusive Interview;

Trust is the Key to the Relationship between Media and the Public

Journalists' role in informing the public during the ongoing crisis is pivotal. As the coronavirus pandemic unfolds, the constant stream of news can feel overwhelming.

Interview with Experts:

Exclusive Video; "Science Impacts So Many Aspects of Our Day to Day Life"

Bianca Nogrady, freelance science journalist and author, believes that "a science journalist has a fundamentally important role to play particularly now, when science impacts so many aspects of our day to day life," so "a science journalist must report stories without fear or favor."

IAU Researchers Create anti-Coronavirus Spread Product

The head of IAU Science and Technology Park has announced on producing a prototype of anti-Coronavirus spread product.

Iranian Scientific Papers’ 60-Fold Growth Over the Past 20 Years

The head of the Islamic World Science Citation Center (ISC) has announced that the number of Iranian scientific articles published on international databases has experienced a 60-fold growth over the past 20 years.

Slovenia's Ambassador to Iran:

Slovenia Ready to Co-op Extensively with Successful Iranian Girls and Women

Kristina Radi, Slovenia's Ambassador to Iran has stated that Iran owns the great capacity in women’s scientific society.

Maryam Mirzakhani among Seven Women Scientists Who Have Shaped the World

Only 30 percent of researchers and just 35 percent of students in STEM related fields are women, based on the United Nations report.

Tehran to Host the 19th Int’l Exhibition on the Environment

Tehran will host the 19th International Exhibition on the Environment on March 4-7, 2020.

Iranian Researchers Produce Domestic X-ray Machine

Researchers of Alborz Science and Technology Park have succeeded to design and produce domestic X-ray machine.

INSF and RFBR Call for Joint Research Projects

Iran National Science Foundation (INSF) and Russian Foundation for Basic Research (RFBR) will support joint research and scientific projects in their second round of collaboration.

UNESCO Chair for Popularization of Science to Open in Tehran

The inauguration ceremony of UNESCO Chair for the Popularization of Science will be held in National Research Institute for Science Policy (NRISP) affiliated to the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, I.R. Iran on January 13, 2020.

Iranian Scientists Develop Paracycling System for People with Spinal Cord Injury

Scientists from Iran University of Science and Technology have developed neuromotor prosthesis, Paracycling System, as an assistive device that restores functions lost as a result of neural damage.

Iranian Researchers Design Biosensor for Detecting Antibiotics in Food Industry

Researchers from Research Institute of Food Science and Technology have succeeded to design a liquid crystal-based aptasensing platform for ultrasensitive detection of tetracycline.

Iranian Universities in ISC World University Rankings 2019

Based on the most recent statistics, released by ISC World university rankings 2019, 43 Iranian universities have been placed in the list.

Engineers Develop Sand Pulling Pollutants from Stormwater

Engineers from University of California, Berkeley have developed a kind of sand that can soak up toxic metals like lead and cadmium from water.

Tehran to Host 9th Int’l Conference on Acoustic & Vibration

The 9th edition of International Conference on Acoustic and Vibration will be held at Iran University of Science and Technology on December 24-25, 2019.

Science & Research IAU among the 2019 Greenest Campuses

22 Iranian universities have been selected as the greenest universities according to Green Metric.

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Exclusive Video; Pulitzer Prize Winner Explains 5 Essential Steps toward Becoming a Science Writer

Dan Fagin, a science journalism professor at New York University and the author of the bestselling book, Toms River: A Story of Science and Salvation, offers a comprehensive explanation about how to become a great science writer.

Science & Research IAU Researchers Can Heal Diabetes Wounds with Cold Plasma

Researchers of Science and Research Islamic Azad University have created atmospheric cold plasma device which can heal diabetic wound.

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Exclusive Video; Visualization Can Help Improve Science Journalism: NY Times Journalist

Science journalists play a notable role in engaging the public with science, bringing the work of scientists from the lab to the public spotlight.

Iranian Companies Win Award in ASPA 2019

Two Iranian companies have won the Asian Science Park Association (ASPA) Awards 2019, held in Taiwan on November 11-13.

Video: 2019 STEP Investigates Scientific Cooperation Network in Islamic World

The 6th edition of Science and Technology Exchange Program (STEP) has been held in Iran from November 9-11, 2019 in Alzahra University.

On the Occasion of World Science Day for Peace and Development:

"Open Science, Leaving No One Behind"

November 10 indicates World Science Day for Peace and Development which is celebrated every year in order to highlight the significant role of science in society and the need to engage the wider public in debates on emerging scientific issues.

Mostafa Asgari

Science & Technology Center for Growth and Innovation Opened in S&R IAU/ In Photos

The Center for Growth and Innovation of Science & Research IAU has been opened with the presence of Vice President for Science and Technology Sorena Sattari, IAU president Mohammad Mehdi Tehranchi and the head of Science & Research IAU Reza Masoudi. Center for Growth and Innovation offers a wide range of opportunities for students to explore. There are courses for every age and interest, led by an incredibly talented, innovative, experienced faculty.

Zednee Provides Access to the Great Source of Scholarly Articles

Within the framework of global laws and regulations, ZEDNEE.IO enables Iranian users to have access to the great source of scholarly articles.

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