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Dr. Masoud Boroomand:

Iranian Researchers Produce 3% of World’s Top Articles

Iran’s Deputy Minister for Research and Technology has stated that Iran ranks first in science production among Islamic countries , also Iranian researchers produce 3% of the world’s top articles.

Deputy of IAU’s Medical Sciences:

IAU Owning Great Quota in the Country’s Scientific Growth

The head of Islamic Azad University Medical Branch stated that IAU has a considerable quota in science production and meeting educational needs of the country.

Iran Among World Top 15 Countries in Science Production

Iran has been placed among the top 15 countries for the first time for scientific citations with 22,500 scientific articles.

Iran Ranks 1st for Quality of Scientific Production in ISC 2018

The acting head of Islamic World Science Citation Center (ISC) Mohammad Javad Dehghani has stated that Islamic Republic of Iran ranked first among Islamic countries by gaining over 21% of all received citations.

IAU Leaps 22 Places in Worldwide Academic Production Ranking

The Islamic Azad University has climbed 22 places in the Thomson Reuters worldwide academic science production ranking and has maintained its first place in global science production among Iranian universities.

Dr. Hamid Mirzadeh:

IAU Central Research Institute’s Mission is to Increase Global Science Production

The president of Islamic Azad University has announced the establishment of IAU’s Central Research Institute in a ceremony held for the recognition of the IAU academic elite.

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