S & R IAU Researcher Discovers the Best Hallux Valgus Treatment

A researcher from Islamic Azad University, Science and Research branch has done a kinematic review on a progressive foot deformity, hallux valgus, and claimed that surgical treatment is the most effective way in treating patients.

A Robot Operates a Human Eye For the First Time

Surgeons from the University of Oxford’s Nuffield Department of Clinical Neurosciences have designed a robot-assisted eye surgery to perform surgery on the retina, the surface at the back of the eyeball for the first time.

Neurology Department of Npistanbul Brain Hospital Named as “Prof. Madjid Samii”

The Neurology Department of Npistanbul Brain Hospital has been named as “Prof. Madjid Samii”, Iranian scientist and brain surgeon famous world-renowned scientist.

Researchers Reveal Microbot to Assist in Eye Operations

Researchers at Cambridge University have demonstrated a tiny robot which is small enough to assist in eye surgery.

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