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IAU Water Polo Team Finishes Runner Up in Iran’s Water Polo League

Islamic Azad University water polo team ranked 2nd in the 28th edition of Iran’s Water Polo League.

IAU Water Polo Team into Iran’s Water Polo League Final Tournament

Islamic Azad University and Saipa water polo teams have won the ticket for the final showdown of the 28th edition of Iran’s Water Polo League.

IAU Defeats South Korea at the 11th Asian Water Polo Clubs C’ship

The water polo team of Islamic Azad University has beaten South Korea at the 11th edition of Asian Water Polo Clubs Championships.

IAU Takes Premier League Waterpolo Championship

The 25th Waterpolo Premier League ended with Islamic Azad University’s Championship.

Exclusive Report : IAU Strongly Supports Its Sports Teams

The sports teams of Islamic Azad University have shown brilliant performances in several sports majors and competitions over the recent years. Coaches and athletes of these teams believe that IAU’s authorities have a key role in supporting them.

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