Cornell University

Researchers Develops Imaging Method Helps Water Decontamination

Cornell University researchers in cooperation with an Iranian scientist developed a new imaging method that promises in decontaminating water by yielding surprising and important information about catalyst particles that can’t be obtained any other way.

Smart Milk Carton Help Reduce Food Waste

Scientists at Cornell University have designed a "smart" carton in order to eliminate waste.

Engineers Create DNA-Based Biomaterial that Can Eat, Grow, and Evolve

Engineers from Cornell University have created a DNA-based biomaterial that is capable of self-assembly, organization, and metabolism.

Researchers Develop Polymer Additive for Plastic Recycling

Researchers from Cornell University and the University of Minnesota have developed multiblock polymer, which could boost plastic recycling.

New Robot with a Human Touch

Scientists at Cornell University have devised a way for a soft robot to feel its surroundings internally, in much the same way humans do.

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