Lahijan IAU Students’ 3D Printer Exploited

Students of Lahijan Islamic Azad University made a 3D printer that runs on FDM Technology which has been exploited.

Lahijan IAU Student Shines Bright at 8th Asian Yoga Sports C’ship

A student of Islamic Azad University, Lahijan branch has won a gold medal at the 8th Asian Yoga Sports Championship held at the Jimmy George indoor stadium at Trivandrum from September 27 to 30, 2018.

Lahijan SAMA IAU Student Runner-Up at 2018 Asian C’ship

A PE student of IAU- affiliated Lahijan SAMA Organization, Technical and Vocational Department, has been awarded silver medal at 2018 Asian Classic and Equipped Bench Championships held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates from September 18 to 24.

Lahijan SAMA IAU Students to Compete in WRO 2018

Students of Green SAMA School affiliated to Islamic Azad University became runner up in the 15th World Robot Olympiad WRO 2018, held in Tehran, International Exhibition Center.

First SAMA Green School in Lahijan

The first Green SAMA School affiliated to Islamic Azad University has been launched in Lahijan, Gilan province.

Lahijan IAU Introduces Supercharger Device

A team of electronics, computers, and mechanics engineering of Islamic Azad University, Lahijan branch, in form of a knowledge-based companies, has designed a ‘supercharger device, for public places.

Lahijan IAU Bags Gold Medal in SIIF 2015

Dr. Meskin Faam, faculty member of chemistry department of Islamic Azad University, Lahijan branch, and students Davoud Kharghani, and Mihan Adeli have won the gold medal in the Seoul International Invention Fair in South Korea.

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