Researchers Discover Origin of Fermi Bubbles and Galactic Center X-ray Outflows

Researchers at the Shanghai Astronomical Observatory (SHAO) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences have presented a new model that, for the first time, simultaneously explains the origins of both the Fermi bubbles and the galactic center biconical X-ray structure.

Iranian Researchers Produce Domestic X-ray Machine

Researchers of Alborz Science and Technology Park have succeeded to design and produce domestic X-ray machine.

Scientists Develop World's Fastest Water Heater

Researchers from the Center for Free-Electron Laser Science (CFEL) at DESY and Uppsala University (Sweden) have used a powerful X-ray laser to heat water from room temperature to 100,000 degrees Celsius in less than a tenth of a picosecond (millionth of a millionth of a second).

NASA to Demonstrate X-ray Navigation in Space

A team of NASA engineers has demonstrated fully autonomous X-ray navigation in space which could revolutionize NASA’s ability in the future to pilot robotic spacecraft to the far reaches of the solar system and beyond.

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