Tips for Parents Supporting Remote Learning/ Infographic

Tips for Parents Supporting Remote Learning/ Infographic سه‌شنبه 23 اردیبهشت 1399 - 13:20

Remote learning, distance education and online learning during the COVID-19 pandemic are emerging and evolving quickly.

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Infographic: Alzahra University Actions for COVID-19 Prevention

Officials of Alzahra University have formed Corona Health, Prevention and Control Committee to implement preventive measures against the spread of the corona virus (COVID-19).

IAU, Vice-Presidency for Science and Technology Ink MoU

Islamic Azad University and Vice-Presidency for Science and Technology have signed a cooperation Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to establish a technology university in Pardis Technology Park.

Alzahra University Ranks 101-200 among 2020 THE World University Ranking

Based on the recent annual ranking released by Times Higher Education, Alzahra University ranked 101-200 among 766 universities from 86 countries in the world and ranked 2 among Iranian universities.

Researchers Develop Smart Search Tool to Review COVID-19 Literature More Efficient

Researchers at the University of Toronto have developed a smart search tool which can help other colleagues find, survey and review new literature in a faster more efficient way.

Students Can Overcome Challenges of Remote PhD. Defense During COVID-19

Since the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak, universities and educational institutions have been temporarily closed in an attempt to contain the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

How Universities Tackling the Novel Coronavirus?

Iranian Student Speaks on How He is Impacted by COVID-19 at UT Dallas

Mohammad Aref Qaderi, PhD Student of Biomedical engineering in the University of Texas at Dallas has stated that the remaining spring semester and all of the summer semester will be online.

How Universities Tackling the Novel Coronavirus?

Alberta PhD Student Sharing Online Learning Experiences amid COVID-19 Pandemic

As the coronavirus spreads across the country, closing universities and transitioning to online learning is critical to stymying the spread of the virus.

Distance Education, The Changing Definition of Learning

As the coronavirus threat has extended closures, possibly till the end of the school year in some places, training needs have changed.

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Trust is the Key to the Relationship between Media and the Public

Journalists' role in informing the public during the ongoing crisis is pivotal. As the coronavirus pandemic unfolds, the constant stream of news can feel overwhelming.

Scientists Believe e-Learning Can Provide Students More Effective Learning Experience

A new study by the Harvard scientists suggested that e-learning not only can teach students more but can be just as enjoyable.

IAU Medical Centers and Staffs Are Active in Fighting against COVID-19 Epidemic

The president of Islamic Azad University has stated that IAU hospitals and medical centers have been applying all of their capacity in combating the outbreak of coronavirus.

Iranian Scientific Papers’ 60-Fold Growth Over the Past 20 Years

The head of the Islamic World Science Citation Center (ISC) has announced that the number of Iranian scientific articles published on international databases has experienced a 60-fold growth over the past 20 years.

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The Opening Ceremony of IAU Fereshtegan (Angel) Int’l Campus/ In Photos

IAU Fereshtegan (Angel) International Campus has been opened officially with the presence of IAU president, Dr. Mohammad Mehdi Tehranchi. IAU Fereshtegan (Angel) International Campus has been designed to provide services for students with disabilities, specially deaf and hard of hearing students, and self-advocacy training as well as interpreting, real-time captioning and tutoring services.

Iranian Universities among Top ISC 2019 Rankings

Based on the Islamic World University Rankings 2019, announced by the Islamic World Science Citation Center (ISC), 43 Iranian universities have been placed among top universities in this list.

Deadline for ICWR2020 Paper Submission Extended

The deadline for full paper submission for the 6th International Conference on Web Research (ICWR2020) has been extended up to February 21.

IAU to Host 1st Top Start-Up Accelerators Exhibition

Islamic Azad University will host the first edition of Top Start-Up Accelerators Exhibition in the country on January 22, announced IAU deputy for Research, Technology and Innovation.

Khorasgan IAU Researchers Produce CRM

Researchers of Khorasgan IAU Incubator Center have succeeded to produce Certified Reference Material (CRM) for the first time in the country.

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Science & Technology Center for Growth and Innovation Opened in S&R IAU/ In Photos

The Center for Growth and Innovation of Science & Research IAU has been opened with the presence of Vice President for Science and Technology Sorena Sattari, IAU president Mohammad Mehdi Tehranchi and the head of Science & Research IAU Reza Masoudi. Center for Growth and Innovation offers a wide range of opportunities for students to explore. There are courses for every age and interest, led by an incredibly talented, innovative, experienced faculty.

Urmia IAU Incubator Center Researchers Create Talent Discovery Software

Researchers of Urmia IAU Incubator Center have developed talent discovery software which is considered as one of the most important knowledge-based products in this center.

Zednee Provides Access to the Great Source of Scholarly Articles

Within the framework of global laws and regulations, ZEDNEE.IO enables Iranian users to have access to the great source of scholarly articles.

Herbal Medicines Production & Technology Research Center Opened in Damghan IAU

Herbal Medicines Production and Technology Research Center has been opened in Demghan Islamic Azad University with the presence of Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani and IAU present, Mohammad Mehdi Tehranchi.

Persian Language Center Established in Yazd University

A Persian Language Learning Center has been run in Yazd University in order to standardize teaching Persian language to non-Iranian students.

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IAU Conference on Technology and Innovation/ In Photos

The 1st edition of Islamic Azad University Conference on Technology and Innovation has been held in IAU Central Organization with the presence of the head of IAU board of trustees and directors, Dr. Ali Akbar Velayati, IAU president, Dr. Mohammad Mehdi Tehranchi and other officials in order to clarify and operationalize policies of IAU deputy of Research, Technology and Innovation.

IUST to Hold 2019 Int’l Conference on Experimental Mechanics of Solids

Iran University of Science and Technology will hold the biennial International Conference on Experimental Mechanics of Solids on February 18-19, 2020.

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