Zabol University Researchers Discover More than 10 New Species in Hamoun Int'l Wetland

Zabol University Researchers Discover More than 10 New Species in Hamoun Int'l Wetland چهارشنبه 31 اردیبهشت 1399 - 10:21

Researchers at Zabol University have discovered over 10 new species of arthropods in Hamoun International Wetland.

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Calling for Participation at the 34th Khwarizmi Int'l Award

The registration for the 34th Khwarizmi International Award festival as well as the 22nd edition of Khwarizmi Youth Award has begun since May 11, 2020.

Iran to Export COVID-19 Test Kit to Turkey

Head of Communication, Information and Public Relations Dept. of the Vice-Presidency for Science and Technology has announced on exporting COVID-19 serology kits to neighboring Turkey next week.

Alzahra University to Celebrate "Int'l Women in Maths Day 2020" Online

Around May 12th, the date of birth of Maryam Mirzakhani, the first and so far only female winner of the Fields Medal, a variety of activities will take place.

Tehran Int'l INOTEX 2020 to be Held Online

The 9th edition of International Innovation and Technology Exhibition (INOTEX 2020) will be held online amid coronavirus outbreak.

Iran Exports Serological COVID-19 Kits to Germany

Iran has exported over 40000 serological kits to diagnose COVID-19 to Germany on Tuesday.

How Universities Tackling the Novel Coronavirus?

Iranian Student Speaks on How He is Impacted by COVID-19 at UT Dallas

Mohammad Aref Qaderi, PhD Student of Biomedical engineering in the University of Texas at Dallas has stated that the remaining spring semester and all of the summer semester will be online.

Intl. Day for Monuments and Sites Celebrated Online Amid COVID-19

The ceremony of the UNESCO-tagged Gonbad-e Soltaniyeh, sometimes referred to as Iran’s ‘Taj Mahal’, was held online on Friday to help stop transmission of the coronavirus.

How Forest Loss Leads to Spread of Disease?

Researchers of Stanford University have shown that as people continue to transform natural habitats into agricultural land, viruses that jump from animals to people will likely become more common.

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Trust is the Key to the Relationship between Media and the Public

Journalists' role in informing the public during the ongoing crisis is pivotal. As the coronavirus pandemic unfolds, the constant stream of news can feel overwhelming.

Mostafa Asgari

Azadi Tower Lit Up in Tribute to Frontline Workers and with Reminders to "Stay Home"/ In Photos

In Tehran, famous Azadi Tower has lit up with messages of hopes, instructions to stay at home and to thank those working on the frontline of the coronavirus pandemic over the last two weeks. The iconic buildings and structures have shown solidarity with those in self-isolation and saluted medical workers. The messages have now been displayed on the emblematic Empire State Building, the Great Pyramid of Giza, Tehran's Azadi Tower and also on Switzerland’s iconic Matterhorn Peak.

What is Herd Immunity?

Most of the world tries to suppress the coronavirus spread through applying various methods and techniques, some countries are going it alone - trying to manage the pandemic through so-called “herd immunity”.

Iran’s Strategies to Control COVID-19 is ‘In the Right Direction’: WHO

After five days of extensive meetings and field visits, a team of experts from the World Health Organization (WHO), GOARN partners, Robert Koch Institute in Berlin and the Chinese Center for Disease Control concluded that Iran’s strategies and priorities to control COVID-19 are evolving in the right direction.

Interview with Experts:

We Witness People's Disunity at the Time of COVID-19 Outbreak: Laurie Garrett

Laurie Garrett, American science journalist and author, Andrew Revkin, American science and environmental journalist, author and educator and Peyman Naeemi, editor-in-chief in ISCA News Agency have discussed Iran, U.S. condition at the time of coronavirus outbreak.

Countries Should Use Iran's Experiences as a Role Model in Fight against COVID-19

Richard Brennan, the Regional Emergency Director of the World Health Organization (WHO) Eastern Mediterranean Region, has stated that Iran has made notable achievements in the field of battling coronavirus.

Telling Lies Behind the Podium

Numerous US government officials have announced several times that are ready to help Iran to fight with new coronavirus but their claims did not last only for several hours and immediately, the real truth has proven their baseless sayings.

Iran, Kyrgyzstan to Co-op against Coronavirus

Iranian Ambassador to Bishkek Saeed Kharrazi met and negotiated with Kyrgyz Deputy Health Minister Tolo Isakov in order to cooperate to defeat coronavirus.

Australia's New South Wales is Finally Free From Bushfires for 1st time in 240 days

For the first time in 240 days, the Australian state of New South Wales is officially free from bushfires.

Iran Int'l Cartoon Contest, "We Defeat Coronavirus"

Director of the Art Bureau’s Visual Arts Office has announced on launching an international cartoon contest with the motto of “We Defeat Coronavirus."

INOTEX 2020 to be Held in Tehran

Tehran Permanent International Fairground will host the 9th edition of International Innovation and Technology Exhibition (INOTEX 2020) from June 7 to 10.

Najafabad SAMA IAU Students Bag Gold & Bronze Awards at MTE 2020

Students of Islamic Azad University, Najafabad SAMA College, won gold and bronze awards in 19th International Expo on Invention and Innovation -Malasia Technology Expo 2020.

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Iran, Russia More Capacities in Scientific Co-op/ Russia's Measures against COVID-2019 Outbreak

Ahmad Vakhshiteh, assistant Professor at People's Friendship University of Russia, journalist and editor-in-chief of RussiaViewer, believes that despite Iran and Russia's high level of cooperation, there are still many untapped capacities for both sides' collaboration.

Video: How to Easily Protect Yourself against COVID-19?

COVID-19 is an infectious disease caused by a new coronavirus introduced to humans for the first time.

Iranian Rural Cooperative Body, German Company to Coop on Seed Production

Representatives of Iran rural cooperative organizations and the representative of a Germany agricultural company have met and negotiated on producing high quality seeds.

Slovenia's Ambassador to Iran:

Slovenia Ready to Co-op Extensively with Successful Iranian Girls and Women

Kristina Radi, Slovenia's Ambassador to Iran has stated that Iran owns the great capacity in women’s scientific society.

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