1st-Ever Heat Wave in East Antarctica Recorded

1st-Ever Heat Wave in East Antarctica Recorded چهارشنبه 13 فروردین 1399 - 03:20

East Antarctica experienced its first recorded heat wave this January.

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Mostafa Asgari

Tehran Recreation Sites Closed Due to Coronavirus/ In Photos

Recreation areas, museums and historical sites in Tehran shut down amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Iranian Artists Launch a Movement Entertain People in Home Quarantine

Iranian artists have launched the nationwide #Moshahonar movement to entertain people during home quarantine.

Mohammad Mehdi Dorani

Tehran During the Persian New Year/ In Photos

Nowruz is supposed to be one of the happiest and busiest times of the year when people get together and visit their families. But this year, Iranians stay at home during Nowruz, the Persian New Year in order to help break the coronavirus chain of transmission.

The Year 99, the Year for “Surge in Production"

The Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution has offered congratulations to Iranians on New Year and named this year as the year of “Surge in Production.”

103-Year-Old Iranian Woman ‘Oldest Person to Recover from COVID-19’

A 103-year-old woman from Semnan has been discharged from hospital after recovering from coronavirus, said the head of Semnan University of Medical Sciences and Health Services.

IAU Branches Cooperating with National Committee for Fighting & Controlling COVID-19

Following the Iran responsible officials' demand for combating with the epidemic of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus, IAU president, Dr. Mohammad Mehdi Tehranchi has announced that the university branches all across the country must cooperate with National Committee for Fighting and Controlling COVID-19.

Abhar IAU Dorm Prepared For Convalescence of Coronavirus Patients

Abhar IAU dorm has been prepared for convalescence of coronavirus patients, said the deputy of Zanjan Province Islamic Azad University Medical Branch.

IAU Hospitals Cooperating with National Committee for Fighting & Controlling COVID-19

The head of Health Planning and Resources Development of Medical Science IAU has announced that coronavirus diagnostic testing is being done for patients with serious symptoms.

Iranian Cartoonist Uses Shahnameh Characters to Make Animations on Coronavirus

An innovative Iranian cartoonist, Jamal Rahmati, has been inspired by the characters of Ferdowsi’s Shahnameh to make an animation series named “The Seven Adventures of Coronavirus”.

Helia Saeedi

Spring Blossoms in Tehran/ In Photos

On the verge of the spring time, spring blossoms of varying colors are blooming in Tehran.

Can We Make Our Own Hand Sanitizer During Coronavirus Shortage?

The World Health Organization recommends a recipe so that everyone can make his/her own hand sanitizer during coronavirus shortage.

Know More about Coronavirus, Flu and Allergies Differences

Due to the coronavirus outbreak all around the world, many people are confused by similar symptoms of COVID-19, flue and, with spring upon us, allergies.

Mohammad Mahdi Dorani

Disinfecting Valiasr Street in Tehran to Contain the Coronavirus/ In Photo

As the new coronavirus outbreak in Tehran, Iranian authorities are spraying city streets with clouds of disinfectant to contain the spread of the virus, officially known as Covid-19.

Experts Sharing Some Advice to Stop Touching Your Face

As the coronavirus outbreak nears pandemic levels, experts offer advice for doing the (seemingly) impossible and altering this common habit, touching the face.

“World, Go Wash Your Hands!” to Fight Coronavirus

The new coronavirus has provided inspiration for renowned Atlanta-based Iranian cartoonist to create his new work named “World, Go Wash Your Hands!”

How Can We Boost Immune System to Beat COVID-19?

Vitamin D is critical to having a good immune system for better overall health, less disease and longer life. Vitamin D can boost the immune system, fight infection and kill bacteria, kill funguses and kill viruses.

“We Defeat Coronavirus”, Iranians' National Campaign in Social Media

Iranians have launched a national campaign called “We Defeat Coronavirus” in order to promote public motivation to combat coronavirus.

Iran Post Company to Use E-Bikes

Iran Post Company will switch from motorcycles using fossil fuel to electric bikes to renovate its fleet and curb its carbon footprint.

Iran Suspends China Presence at Tehran Book Fair Over Coronavirus Fears

The 33rd Tehran International Book Fair (TIBF) deputy director announced that China’s presence in the book fair has been suspended following the new coronavirus epidemic.

CORC Deputy Minister:

Trading and Agricultural Systems Cooperation Required to Manage Water Resources

Deputy Minister and Head of the Central Organization for Rural Cooperatives of Iran (CORC) has stated that the cooperation of both trading and agricultural systems are being required to manage water resources in our country.

The Future of Water Governance:

Collaboration of Iranian Agricultural Cooperatives & Production Cooperatives

Water resources management is a global priority. Throughout the world, there is recognition that water quality and flow are being affected by land use changes. In this regard, Iran has taken many notable actions in line with protecting water resources for decades.

Helia Saeidi

Tehran 35th Fajr Music Festival/ In Photos

The 35th Fajr Music Festival opened at the Milad Hall of the Tehran International Permanent Fairground on Wednesday. Many performances are being held at Tehran’s Vahdat Hall, Rudaki Hall, Niavaran Cultural Center and several other halls. 10 pop music bands and over 70 ensembles from Iran and other countries are scheduled to perform during the event.

Some Proven Garlic Health Properties

Scientists believe that most of garlic health benefits are caused by sulfur compounds formed when a garlic clove is chopped, crushed or chewed.

Shiraz Named As Iran 2020 Book Capital

The city of Shiraz where is known as the “Cultural Capital” of Iran, also the hometown of Hafez and Sadi has been named as Iran’s 2020 Book Capital.

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