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Tehran Hosts the Liberation of al-Aqsa Mosque Conference / In Photos

Tehran Hosts the Liberation of al-Aqsa Mosque Conference / In Photos سه‌شنبه 3 بهمن 1396 - 15:36

The Liberation of the al-Aqsa Mosque Conference has been held in the Iranian capital Tehran with the presence of high-ranking military and political figures.

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Hazhar Zaheri

Sanchi Sailors Memorial Ceremony / In Photos

A memorial ceremony for Sanchi sailors was held in Shaheed Motahhari High School in the heart of Tehran, with the presence of a large number of other high-ranking security and governmental officials including President Rouhani, Iran’s Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani, Vice President Eshagh Jahangiri, Interior Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, and IRGC Commander Mohammad Ali Jafari. An oil tanker Sanchi, was carrying 136,000 tons of oil from Iran to South Korea when it collided with the Hong Kong-registered CF Crystal freighter in the East China Sea on January 7. All 32 members of the tanker were killed.

The Secretary of Iran Urban Economics Scientific Association (IUESA):

2.7 Billion People of the World Exposed to Earthquakes

The secretary of Iran Urban Economics Scientific Association (IUESA), Tabatabaei Mozdabadi, has stated that one out of three people in the world is exposed to earthquakes, and in 2017, almost 37 percent of the world’s population lives in 145 countries that are located in potentially hazardous seismic regions.

Iranian Author Nominated for Hans Christian Andersen Award

An Iranian author has received a nomination for the 2018 Hans Christian Andersen Award.

Yazd, Winner of 2017 Global Energy Award

The historic city of Yazd has been awarded the 2017 Global Energy Award by Energy Globe Foundation at the First International Sustainable City Conference and World Water Conference.

Cape Town, The First Major City in the World to Run out of Water

Cape Town is a world-renowned tourist destination where also become famous for being the first major city in the world to run out of water.

Italy Institute of Restorers Without Borders to Help Restore Persepolis

Italian experts from Restauratori Senza Frontiere (Institute of Restorers Without Borders) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Iran's Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization and Persepolis World Heritage Base to restore Persepolis.

Iran is Beautiful/ Tourist Attractions and Destinations

Mojen, Fountain of Seven Colors

Seven color Mojen spring is located in the 25km north of Shharud, in rift valley of Shhavar Mountain with 4000 peak.

Iran Stone Association to Make Paper from Stone Waste

Iran Stone Association will carry out a project to make paper from stone waste.

UNESCO Awards Six IIDCYA Members

UNESCO Center Louis Francois in France honored members of the Institute for Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults of Iran at its 2017 international visual arts competition.

Iran Supreme Leader Praises a Newly-Published Holy Quran Dictionary

The Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei has praised a newly-published dictionary for the jurisprudence of the Holy Quran.

Iranians to Celebrate the Longest Night of the Year

December 21, 2017 is the shortest day and longest night of the year for people in the Northern hemisphere.

The Cultural Heritage Official:

“Falak-ol-Aflak Stands Pretty Steady and is in Good Condition”

Falak-ol-Aflak Castle, the unmissable eight-towered monument dominates Khorramabad, the capital of Lorestan province, “stands pretty steady and is in good condition,” a cultural heritage official said.

Tehran Hosts “Dawn of Truth” Conference

Ali Akbar Velayati, an international adviser to the Leader of the Islamic Revolution has stated that enemies have been long seeking to foment discord among Muslim nations and governments with the aim of undermining their unity.

Tehran & Kashan to Host Japanese Cultural Festival

Two Iranian cities, Tehran and Kashan will be the host of a Japanese cultural festival.

Hamedan Holds Intl. Children’s Theater Festival

The 24th edition of the International Theater Festival for Children and Young Adults has been held in Hamedan, Iran.

Excessive Use of Green Tea

"Anything in Excess Can be Harmful to Your Health"

Considering green tea, a useful addition to our diet, doesn't mean you should drink it all day long. Despite providing health rewards, its excess intake could give some unpleasant results.

Tehran to Host Iran-Korea Friendship Festival

Tehran will host Iran-Korea Friendship Festival from December 2 to 8 in Milad Tower.

Harvard Art Museum to Present Qajar Era in an Exhibition

Harvard Art Museum in the US is going to present notable and never before seen works of the Qajar era in an exhibition called 'Technologies of the Image: Art in 19th-Century Iran' on January 7, 2018.

Seoul Exhibits Iranian Handicrafts

The four-day exhibit titled “Amazing Hands: Craft Art from Iran” has been put on show in Seoul, South Korea.

Seyed Mohsen Tabatabaei Mozdabadi:

Earthquake Caused 6% of the Country’s Casualties

The secretary of Iran Urban Economics Scientific Association has stated that on average, 6-magnitude earthquakes occur yearly but a magnitude 7 earthquake occurs every 10 years in the country.

Iran to Officially Launch Tabriz 2018 in Norouz

Iran will officially launch events related to Tabriz 2018 in Norouz, the Iranian New Year that starts on March 21, 2018, during a ceremony attended by President Hassan Rouhani.

Iran is Beautiful/ Tourist Attractions and Destinations

Zrebar Lake, One of the Most Unique Freshwater Lakes in the World

Zrebar lake is the largest and most beautiful lake in west of Iran and one of the most unique freshwater lakes in the world.

Iran’s Leader Visits Earthquake-Hit Kermanshah

The Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, has traveled to Kermanshah Province to meet with the grieved people of the earthquake-stricken areas.

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