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Answering Supreme Leader’s call, Iranians Contribute Billions of Rials to Covid-Victims/ Infographic

Answering Supreme Leader’s call, Iranians Contribute Billions of Rials to Covid-Victims/ Infographic دوشنبه 20 مرداد 1399 - 18:33

Iranian companies and organizations have collected more than 7 trillion rials (approximately equal to $30.43 million) of donations after Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei called for a Quranic campaign of charity to help COVID’s economic victims.

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On the Occasion of National Journalist Day 2020/ In Photos

Iranians hold ceremonies each year on August 8, throughout the country to pay tribute in the honor of the martyred journalists. On August 8 1998, Islamic Republic of Iran's News Agency’s (IRNA) reporter Mahmoud Saremi, and 8 Iranian diplomats were killed by Taliban militants in the city of Mazari Sharif in Northen Afghanistan.

How to Tackle Anxiety and Depression During COVID-19?

The global lockdown is taking a toll on mental health. Loneliness is one of the feelings that are being experienced during the current coronavirus pandemic.

Iran Produces “Tocilizumab” Domestically

An official with Food and Drug Administration has announced that the drug “Tocilizumab”, confirmed to be effective in the coronavirus treatment, has been produced in Iran and will be distributed in hospitals by the next two weeks.

Isfahan University, ECO to Hold Joint Webinar on COVID-19

The University of Isfahan in cooperation with Science Foundation of the Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO) will hold a joint webinar on the economic and health effects of Covid-19 in the region on August 10, 2020.

ECO Member Countries to Discuss Coronavirus Crisis in Isfahan

Mayors of the Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO) member countries will have a meeting in Isfahan on August 22- September 21 to to discuss ways to overcome the complicated coronavirus crisis through developing urban diplomacy.

COVID-19, Close Face Covering Definitely Slow the Spread

Six months into the outbreak, health authorities, WHO and immunologists are still emphasizing on wearing face coverings as an effective way against COVID-19.

COVID-19 Specific Change in Genome Makes it More Infectious

Deputy health minister Reza Malekzadeh has stated that global researches show that a specific change in the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus genome has caused it to be more infectious by 3-9 times compared to the onset of the pandemic.

The Pandemic Making Us Bolster Our Immune System, But How?

The pandemic have been making us to bolster our immune system, the cells, tissues and organs to better fight COVID-19.

‘World’s Longest Suspension Bridge’ in Iran

The world’s longest suspension bridge with a length of 500 meters is being constructed in Aznav tourist area in Khalkhal city, northwestern province of Ardebil, which is famous for its mountains, springs, and gardens.

Online Learning Discussed in 'Good Screen Time vs. Bad Screen Time' Webinar

A webinar on 'Good Screen Time vs Bad Screen Time' has been held by experts in the field of neuroscience psychology, medicine and cyber security to make a fair assessment of the nature and need of online learning.

Rudaki Foundation Unveils Art Collections on Imam Reza (AS)

Three art collections on Imam Reza (AS), the eighth Shia Imam, have been unveiled in a ceremony held at the Rudaki Hall in Tehran.

Iranian COVID-19 Vaccine to Start Human Trial

Iran's Health Minister Saeed Namaki has announced on Tuesday that Iran will soon start human trial of a domestically-produced vaccine for covid-19.

Iran to Make Mask-Wearing Mandatory from Next Week

The national headquarters for coronavirus fight has announced that in order to prevent COVID-19 transmission, people must wear face masks indoors or in gatherings from July 5 to 21.

Iran’s Tourist Attractions to be Introduced in 10 Languages

Iran’s tourist attractions will be introduced in 10 languages for target markets by the end of July announced the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts.

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Isfahan, Bike-Friendly Iranian City/ In Photos

Isfahan is a city where you can still see old bikes all around the city. This city is known as the city of bicycles due to its many cycling lanes and a bike-sharing system.

Iran to Domestically Make Capsule Hotels

Iran is going to domestically make capsule hotels in order to promote cheap and basic overnight accommodation for travelers and develop the tourism industry.

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Kalamkari, Iranian Art of Painting on Fabric/ In Photos

With delicate and intricate patterns, Kalamkari is one of the most traditional art recognized for beautiful and extraordinary hand printing or block printings on cotton or silk fabrics. It is produced in Iran and India. In fact, kalamkari comes from the Persian words, kalam (pen) and Kari (craftsmanship), thus meaning drawing with a pen. The art started in Iran about 2500 years ago during the Sasani era. In safavid era, most men and women's clothes were made from Kalamkari cotton fabrics. The nature, the manner of making and production of this art has been subjected to many changes over time. As this art rooted in Isfahan, the original kalamkari could be easily found in Bazaars of Isfahan.

Anti-Corona Medical Achievements Exhibit Kicked Off in Tehran

The exhibition of “Surge in Production and Corona Containment Achievements” has been kicked off at the Tehran Permanent International Fairgrounds on Saturday.

Mostafa Asgari

Vardij, Hill of Stone Ghosts/ In Photos

As a tourist spot located in the mountainous Kan district, northwest of Tehran, Vardij is a village where its rocks look like giant human heads. The village is located some 15 kilometers north of Vardavard which is the most western region of Tehran. Gradual erosion of rocks in the region has shaped some unusual forms known to people as “rocky ghosts”.

Archeologists Discover Giant Jar-Tomb in the sole Historical Hill of Isfahan

Senior archaeologist Alireza Jafari-Zand said on Friday that the discovery of the second giant jar-tomb in the sole historical hill of Isfahan has shed new light on ancient human life in the central Iranian city.

Mostafa Asgari

On the Occasion of World Handicraft Day/ In Photos

June 10, is celebrated as World Handicraft Day worldwide. Iran has a variety of handicrafts related to the climatic conditions, history and culture of the people across the country. During the event, international artists can discover the cultural expressions of various cities and share experiences in several exhibitions and workshops.

Ehsan Rasouli

Golabgiri, Iranian Spring Festival of Rose Water in Kashan/ In Photos

Golab Giri (Rose water distillation festival) is held every year on April-May (Ordibehesht) when rose bushes blossom in Kashan. The traditional ceremony of obtaining rose hydrosol attracts a great number of people from around the country and tourists to Kashan, Qamsar, Niasar and other neighborhood cities but this year, due to the COVID-19 crisis, the ceremony was held with the presence of limited number of people under special condition.

To Commemorate the 31st Death Anniversary of Imam Khomeini;

Photo Exhibitions of the founder of the Islamic Republic to be Held Online in Kazakhstan, Serbia

Iran’s cultural centers in Kazakhstan and Serbia will commemorate the 31st death anniversary of Imam Khomeini by holding photo exhibitions.

Iran to Hold Water Taxi Design Contest

Baadban Marine Accelerator has organized a water taxi design contest in order to develop maritime tourism.

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