Iranian Researcher’s New Implant Microsurgery Method Published

Iranian Researcher’s New Implant Microsurgery Method Published چهارشنبه 1 خرداد 1398 - 16:18

The new method of Iranian researcher, “implant microsurgery and minimally invasive implantprosthetic oral reconstructions,” have been published as the modern implant surgery technique in the official website of University of Maryland.

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Researcher Develops Lens in a Variety of Shapes and Sizes

Research teams from Washington State University and Ohio State University have developed a liquid mold from droplets that they can manipulate with magnets to create lenses in a variety of shapes and sizes.

AI Detects Lung Cancer Before Radiologists

Researchers of Northwestern University in Illinois and Google have discovered that Artificial Intelligence is better than specialist doctors at diagnosing lung cancer.

Amirkabir University of Technology Ranks 1st in Int’l Patent Registration

Director-general of Amirkabir University of Technology Office of Technology and Industry Relations has stated that based on the Iran Patent Center recent report, the university ranked first in international patent registration in the country.

Why People Forget Their Dreams After Waking

Researchers have carried out an investigation to find out why some dreams are memorable while others disappear.

IAU, Isfahan Chamber of Commerce Ink MoU

Islamic Azad University and Isfahan Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture (ECCIMA) have signed a research and cooperation Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).

Qazvin IAU to Host the 1st National e-Sport Competition

Qazvin Islamic Azad University will host the 1st national e-Sport competition that will be held for the first time in the country.

Scientists Create World’s First Living Organism With a Synthetic Genome

Researchers at the Medical Research Council Laboratory of Molecular Biology in Britain have created the world’s first living organism that has a fully synthetic and radically altered DNA code.

IAU Providing Suitable Condition for New Technologies Activities

Acting Head of IAU Deputy of Research, Technology and Innovation has stated that many companies in the fields of biotechnology, nanotechnology and new technologies are working actively in IAU Incubators.

Smart Milk Carton Help Reduce Food Waste

Scientists at Cornell University have designed a "smart" carton in order to eliminate waste.

Iranian Researchers Make Domestic fNIRS Device

A professor of School of Electrical and Computer Engineering of University of Tehran has announced on making functional near-infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS) device for the first time in the country.

AI Assessing Ability to Measure Students’ Engagement

Researchers at University of Montreal will explore the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to measure student engagement and survey potential classroom management changes.

AUT to Run Tech Complex

Amirkabir University of Technology is going to launch a technology complex in collaboration with the state-owned Bank of Industry and Mine.

Iranian Researcher Develops Plant-Based Eco-Friendly Foam

Researchers at Washington State University have developed a new plant-based foam consists of about 75 percent cellulose nanocrystals.

Text Comparison Tools Checking Uniqueness of Submitted Works

A professor of Tarbiat Modares University has stated that reliable text comparison tools are considered as an effective way to check the quality and uniqueness of submitted work by students.

Shahroud IAU Becomes Champion in Kurd Cup 2019

A team of Shahroud IAU Young Researchers and Elite Club has won the grand prize for their clever use of pasta in an international competition in the construction of bridges from spaghetti held in University of Kurdistan.

Iranian Researchers Produce Batteries Made from Rice Bran

A faculty member of University of Tehran has announced on producing a battery made from rice bran.

Iranian Researchers Focusing on Robotic Technology to Treat Autism Disorder

Iranian researchers are focusing on robotic technology and smart systems to treat neuro developmental disorder in patients suffering from autism.

Google Claims Its AI Can Spot Long Cancer

Google claims that its "promising" artificial intelligence is able to spot lung cancer a year before a human doctor.

Jahrom IAU Technicians Produce Anti-Freeze Safety Device

Technicians of Jahrom Islamic Azad University have produced and commercialized anti-freeze safety device for the first time in the country.

Amirkabir University Holds Aerospace Competition

The 11th National Aerospace Competition has been held in five leagues on May 2 and 3 at the Amirkabir University of Technology.

Zanjan IAU to Run Metallurgical Research Center

The head of Zanjan province Islamic Azad University has announced on launching Metallurgical Research Center in this branch in near future.

Researchers’ New Sensor Can Detect Spoiled Milk Before Opening

Researchers of the Department of Biological Systems Engineering (BSE), the WSU/UI School of Food Science and other departments have developed a sensor that can ‘smell’ if milk is still good or has gone bad.

Iranian Scientists Unveil 4 Vital Cancer, Diabetes Drugs

Iranian scientists have unveiled two vital cancer drugs and two medicines commonly taken by diabetic patients.

Iranian Artisans Produce Domestic Self-Repairing Bitumen

Iranian artisans have created bitumen with a self-repairing property to approximately double the service life of the pavement.

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