Video: Chinese Scientists '99% Confident' Their COVID-19 Vaccine Will Work

Video: Chinese Scientists '99% Confident' Their COVID-19 Vaccine Will Work شنبه 10 خرداد 1399 - 13:56

Chinese scientists working on a COVID-19 vaccine have announced that they are "99%" sure it will be effective.

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Video: Google’s AR tool Shows Proper Social Distancing

Google has released a handy augmented reality tool called “Sodar”, which creates a virtual six-feet or two-meter radius ring around you that’s visible on your phone.

New Method to Assist Epidemiologists Map Spread of COVID-19

Scientists of Rochester Institute of Technology have developed a method that can help epidemiologists predict the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic more efficiently.

Scientists Solve a Periodic Table Puzzle

Universität Bayreuth researchers have created a crystalline structure, out of nitrogen, which under normal conditions occurs in black phosphorus and arsenic.

Researchers to Investigate Effects of COVID-19 on Teaching

A group of researchers at Clarkson University will investigate whether the COVID-19 pandemic created an opportunity for faculty to re-envision their teaching philosophies and priorities.

How Protein Can Inhibit Cancer Development in Mice?

An international research team, with researchers from the University of Copenhagen at the forefront, has achieved a much better understanding of how some proteins can regulate processes that can make us sick.

Iran, China Researchers to Co-op in Cognitive Science

Researchers and technologists of Iran and China will cooperate in the field of cognitive science in the fifth edition of the Silk Road Science Fund (SRSF) program.

Iranian Researchers Could Make “Xanthan” Domestically

An Iranian knowledge-based company has succeeded in producing a strategic material “Xanthan” which can be applied in varied industries.

Delft University Researchers Make Sensor With 11 Atoms in Size

Delft University of Technology researchers have developed a sensor that is only 11 atoms in size.

Researchers Creating Smell Test for Coronavirus

Boston researchers are working on creating a smell test in order to be an important early detector for coronavirus.

Researchers Discover Electroceutical Fabric Kills COVID-19 on Impact

Researchers have recently found out that an electroceutical fabric can kill coronavirus by disrupting its electrokinetic field.

A Child's Unique Brain Activity Reveals Their Memory Ability

Based on a recent study, carried out by adolescent Brain Cognitive Development (ABCD) researchers , a child's unique brain activity reveals how good their memories are.

HKBU Scientists Develop Technique to Eliminate Drug Side Effects

Scientists from Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU) have developed a novel technique that can produce pure therapeutic drugs without the associated side effects.

Novel 3D Drones Can Monitor Explosive Volcanoes

Scientists used a drone for a series of repeated survey flights with optical and thermal imaging cameras at the Santa Maria volcano in Guatemala.

A Protein May Help Crops Survive Climate Change

Researchers at Washington State University have discovered a mysterious plant protein that could change agriculture in a world overheated by climate change.

Researchers Up-Cycle Waste Carbon with Record Efficiency Using AI

Researchers at University of Toronto Engineering and Carnegie Mellon University could accelerate progress in transforming waste carbon into a commercially valuable product with record efficiency by using artificial intelligence (AI).

Researchers Create Biodegradable and Compostable N95 Masks

University of British Columbia researchers have developed an N95 mask that keeping the environment in mind.

AI Can Judge Personality Based on Selfies Alone

Researchers of the Higher School of Economics University and Open University in Moscow, Russia have claimed that an artificial intelligence can make accurate personality judgments based on selfies alone.

What Vitamins Will Help Boost Metabolism?

There are many ways to encourage body to burn calories faster while maintaining a healthy lifestyle and definitely it is well known that a faster metabolism burns calories much more efficiently than a slow metabolism, which makes it much easier to burn and keep off weight without worrying about dieting.

Math Models Predict How Soon Pandemic Could End

Two researchers at the University of Rochester are using a mathematical model to help predict how the novel coronavirus could end.

Video: 'Artificial Skin for First Ticklish Devices

Researchers in Bristol and Paris developed a new interface by providing an artificial skin-like membrane for augmenting interactive devices such as phones, wearables or computers.

MIT Researchers Discover 'Anti-Aging Molecule'

Researchers of MIT and Harvard have identified an enzyme that could help reverse the effects of DNA damage associated with aging and Alzheimer's disease.

Researchers Find Smoking Increases SARS-CoV-2 Receptors in the Lungs

Scientists at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL) in New York have found that cigarette smoke spurs the lungs to produce more of the protein that the coronavirus harnesses to enter human cells.

New Drug May Stop Pandemic 'Without Vaccine'

Researchers of a Chinese laboratory have been developing a drug which may have the power to bring the coronavirus pandemic to a halt.

Roboticists Can Track Surgical Robots Inside the Body

University of California San Diego Roboticists have developed an affordable, easy to use system which can track the location of flexible surgical robots inside the human body.

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