Iranian Researchers Develop Next-gen High-Frequency Chip

Iranian Researchers Develop Next-gen  High-Frequency Chip چهارشنبه 8 شهریور 1396 - 10:28

Iranian researchers have developed a high-frequency electronic chip potentially capable of transmitting tens of gigabits of data per second.

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Scientists Develop Lensless Computational Microscopy

Researchers of ITMO University and Tampere University of Technology have improved computational imaging of optical signals in lens-less microscopes.

Researchers Infect a Computer with Malware Coded Into a Strand of DNA

Researchers at the University of Washington infected a computer with malware coded into a strand of DNA.

Discovering More Volcanoes in Antarctica

A team of researchers from the University of Edinburgh’s School of GeoSciences has discovered 91 previously undiscovered volcanoes, some over 12,600 feet tall.

Teaching AI to Behave Like Humans

Researchers at OpenAI, the artificial intelligence lab founded by Tesla’s chief executive, Elon Musk, have taken a great step in teaching machines to behave like humans.

Researchers Develop AI ‘Nose’

Russian researchers have developed an electronic "nose" which can remember new smells and recognize them after the event.

IAU Researchers Economically Produce Graphene Quantum Dot and Oxide

Researchers of Nanotechnology Research Center of South Tehran Islamic Azad University have produced economical Graphene Quantum Dot and Graphene oxide.

Iranian Student Makes Soil Free Hanging Garden

An Iranian student has made a soil-free hanging garden which is able to grow vegetables with a minimal amount of water.

Soccer Robots Compete to Beat Humans in 2050

Roboticists think a team of humanoid soccer players will win a match against the world’s best humans by the year 2050.

China Picks Up a Top "Manipulation" Prize at RoboCup 2017

The WrightEagle team from the University of Science and Technology of China, “Kejia” took on all comers over the weekend to be named “Best in Manipulation” at this year’s RoboCup in Nagoya, Japan.

Qazvin IAU MRL Team Becomes Champion in in RoboCup 2017

The RoboCup 2017 competition event has finished and its top teams have been announced in various leagues.

Iran Amir Kabir University Ranks 3rd at RoboCup 2017

A humanoid team from Amirkabir University of Technology ranked 3rd in the Teen Size category at RoboCup 2017 in Japan.

Kavosh Becomes Champion in RoboCup 2017

The Kavosh team from Daneh high school became champion in the Rescue Robot League in the 21st edition of RoboCup 2017 in Nagoya, Japan.

Zanjan IAU Student Shines at KIWIE 2017

A MA microbiology student of Zanjan Islamic Azad University has snatched the gold medal, international scientific and technological cooperation Diploma, as well as receiving the semi grand prize for the first time in Iran at the Korea International Women’s Invention Exposition 2017 (KIWIE 2017).

Ilkhchi IAU IRC Team to Compete in RoboCup 2017

The Ilkhchi team will compete in the 21st edition of RoboCup 2017 in Nagoya, Japan in July 22-28, 2017.

Researchers Develop a Technique that Could Advance Biofuels

Researchers at Washington State University have developed a way of growing algae and make them more viable for several industries, including biofuels.

Researchers Develop a Battery-Less Phone

Researchers from the University of Washington have developed a cell phone which has no battery at all.

Scientists Launching a Simulated Mars & Moon Colony in Poland

Astronauts from France, India, Israel, Nigeria, Spain, and the United States will work and live inside the habitat, called M.A.R.S., for two weeks, starting on July 31.

Researchers Create 2-D material That Could Send Electronics R&D Spinning in New Directions

Researchers from Department of Energy's Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) and UC Berkeley have created a promising candidate for a budding branch of electronics known as 'spintronics.'

'Solar Paint' Could Transform Houses Into a Clean Source of Energy

Researchers from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) has developed a paint that can be used to generate clean energy.

Scientists Rediscovered the Eighth Wonder of the World

Scientists have found New Zealand's long-lost pink and white terraces which were buried by a volcanic eruption under layers of ash and mud after more than a century.

Hamedan IAU Incubator Makes HPV Rapid Detection Kit

The knowledge-based project “Rapid HPV Diagnosis Kit” by Ali Sina Technology Development Center located in Hamadan Islamic Azad University Incubator Center was patented today.

Shahrud IAU Researchers Create Glauber's Salt Out of Waste of Acid Factories

Shahrud IAU Researchers have made Glauber's Salt or sodium sulfate from the waste of acid factories, The production process was chosen as the top and commercialized product in IAU Farhikhtegan Festival.

Scientists Use CRISPR to Slow the Spread of Cancer Cells

Using the CRISPR genome editing technology, scientists from the University of Rochester have interrupted the cell cycle by targeting a protein responsible for preparing the cell for division, called Tudor-SN.

MIT Researchers Develop a 3D-Printing Technique to Recreate the Conch Shell

Researchers from MIT have developed a 3D printing technology that allowed them to duplicate the conch shell's structure and to test it more closely in the lab.

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